Chloe Sevigny In Talks To Join American Horror Story For Season 2

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Chloe Sevigny In Talks To Join American Horror Story For Season 2 image
Maybe it's the associations I have with her from her days of American Psycho and Kids, but I don't have a hard time picturing actress Chloe Sevigny in any kind of darker role. So word that she's close to grabbing a part in the much anticipated second season of American Horror Story is exciting but also feels especially fitting for her as her next potential TV gig.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sevigny is in final negotiations to play a part in Season 2 of FX's dark and creepy drama series American Horror Story. It's sounding like the deal is close to sealed, which is a good thing as EW reports that the writers and producers of the series had Sevigny in mind when the wrote the part. Should the deal go through, Sevigny will play "Shelly the Nymphomaniac," a character who's described as a nemesis to Jessica Lange's character. Sounds interesting, to say the least.

Spoiler alert!

The last batch of spoilers we got for the series' second season revealed not only that Season 2 would take place in an East Coast institution for the criminally insane, but also that it's set in a different time period as well.

Assuming everything works out, Sevigny will join Lizzie Brochere as one of the newcomers to the show. Returning cast-members set to play new roles in the second season include Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. While Sevigny has numerous film roles under her belt, she's more recently known for playing Nicollette Grant in HBO's Big Love.
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