Hail Mary For Minnie Driver, Alan Tudyk's Off To Suburgatory

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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Hail Mary For Minnie Driver, Alan Tudyk's Off To Suburgatory image
The latest bit of pilot-casting news includes new TV roles for Minnie Driver and Alan Tudyk. Both pilots have religious sounding titles, though neither appears to have anything to do with religion. While Driverís set to star in a pilot for CBSí Hail Mary , Tudyk was cast in ABCís Suburgatory.

Deadline reported the news, describing Suburgatory as a comedy pilot that centers on a girl named Tessa (played by Jane Levy) and follows her move from New York City to the suburbs with her father George. Tudyk will be playing Georgeís old college pal, whoís very familiar with life in the suburbs. Tudykís credits include Dollhouse, A Knightís Tale and 28 Days, but those of us who love Firefly are most likely to know him as Wash. To my knowledge, the man has always been funny when he was supposed to be, so thatís a big plus for Suburgatory.

As for Driver, the former The Riches star will is set to star in the CBS drama pilot Hail Mary, where she will play ďa suburban single mom who teams up with a streetwise hustler to solve crimes.Ē Iíve always been a fan of Driver and from what Iíve seen of The Riches, she has no trouble handling an American accent (assuming her character in Hail Mary isnít British). Itíll be interesting to see how this show turns out if it gets picked up.
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