How Many Of These 90s TV Sidekicks Can You Name?

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Lead characters might get the television commercials and the headlines, but itís often the supporting characters who are the difference between a TV program being a lot of fun and stinking to high heaven. From annoying best friends to sassy love interests to school bullies, these lesser used players become fan favorites over the long haul, and they interject much needed emotions that add levity and depth. So, letís take a look back and celebrate some of those great 90s supporting characters.

Below, you will find 10 TV sidekicks from the 1990s. Iíve gone ahead and included the name of the show, the years it was on the air, the actor or actress and some memorable traits. Examine the pictures and try to come up with a name.

Are you ready? Then letís rollÖ

Round #1
TV Show: Full House

Years On The Air: 1987-1995

Played By: Andrea Barber

Best Known For: Being impulsive, annoying everyone all the time, lacking common sense, shopping without money, having offensive foot odor and hanging out with DJ Tanner.

Sheís pretty much loathed by everyone in the Tanner Household that isnít DJ.
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