Latest Trailer For TNT's Falling Skies

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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Latest Trailer For TNT's Falling Skies image
Either TNTís upcoming alien invasion series Falling Skies is going to be really good or this latest trailer is a huge over-sell. Iím really hoping itís not the latter because having watched this video, which includes the cast talking about the show along with footage of some of the action and drama, my hopes are set really high.

Falling Skies premiers on TNT this June. This is the latest trailer for the series, which stars Noah Wyle and follows the aftermath of an alien invasion:

Major cities were blown up. There are big terminator-looking aliens and something that looked like a giant spider-creature. Theyíre snatching up kids and stuff is getting blown up left and right. Anyone else really looking forward to June?
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