NBC Gives Munsters Reboot A New Name

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NBC Gives Munsters Reboot A New Name image
The latest news on the Munsters reboot from NBC is that the pilot has been given a new name. Leaving behind the original series title as part of their efforts to make it clear that this new project is really just based on the classic show and not a remake, the network has come up a new name that doesnít take the legendary family far from its roots.

TVLine reported today that the new series title will be Mockingbird Lane, which is of course the name of the street where the family lived in the 60s and apparently continues to live in the reboot. Their street address on the original was 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and itís probably safe to assume from the title chosen for the new pilot that theyíll continue to take up residence there.

NBC ordered the pilot back in November with Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies, and one of my personal favorite short-lived series, Wonderfalls taking charge. Not long after, they picked up X-Men writer to direct, which certainly perked up a few ears around here and might have alleviated some of the doubt surrounding this questionable idea.

A name and a director are all well and good, but they arenít a show. The right casting is going to be far and away the biggest factor for me when it comes to the watchability of a reboot like this. Casting is in process for the pilot, so hopefully weíll hear something soon. Where does one even begin trying to re-cast such iconic roles? Thankfully, itís just my job to tell you about it, not make the calls. Not that I donít have my opinions, if anyone at NBC is interested.
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