NBC Offering Up All Night, Whitney And Grimm Online For Free During The Holidays

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago discussion comments
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NBC Offering Up All Night, Whitney And Grimm Online For Free During The Holidays image
Thereís hope on the horizon for anyone who wasted weeks trying to get into Foxís Terra Nova when they could have been investing time in to NBCís The Sing-Off. Starting today, NBC.com is offering every already aired episodes of its new programs Up All Night, about a couple learning to live with a new baby, Whitney, about a witty gal and her relationships, and Grimm, a genre-blending fairytale and crime program set in the modern day.

NBC will also be offering whole seasons of Parenthood, The Biggest Loser, and The Sing-Off to watch during the holidays. Call it a Christmas present come early or just call it a nice chance to get into some NBC shows; either way Iím quite happy for the opportunity, even Iím a little miffed 30 Rock isnít part of the list. Iím so behind on < i>30 Rock and would have been totally stoked if it was included in NBCís little gift. According to THR, you can check out the newly available episodes over at NBC.com.

On a more serious note, pushing all of the recent episodes of some of their newest and highly touted programs is kind of a big deal. NBC normally only lets fans backlog a few episodes at a time on its website. Now, that NBC has an overall deal with Hulu Plus, itís been a little easier for subscribers of that service to catch up on their favorite network programs. The rest of us have to wait for kindness like this from NBC--that or expensive DVD sets. NBC is likely hoping to bring in a few more fans due to its promotion; even if thatís the case, itís a damn good deal.
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