TV Recap: My Boys - Spring Training

By Erin Dougherty 7 years ago discussion comments
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Isnít it sad when your passion becomes just a job? PJís experiencing just that at spring training. Every spring training column has been done to death and she canít find a fresh idea no matter what she tries. Guess itís a good thing she has all the boys plus Stephanie to distract her. Isnít it also great when youíre friends can just take off work to go on a trip together? Oh yeah, spring break rules!

Too bad for the guys that the huge number of women staying at their resort are only attracted to baseball players. I mean, why would go for Kenny when you have the Cubsí third baseman standing next to you? Exactly. There is one bright spot, though. Brendanís there so, naturally, he gets a girl. Except this girl is dating a Cubby and is only using Brendan to make him jealous. Why does he always go for the crazy girl? Seriously, even PJ tells him to ďstop shopping at the crazy mall.Ē Agreed. Letís get a normal girl for Brendan.

Letís not get any girl for Mike because, really, as much as we love him, would you want him dating your little sister? Didnít think so. At least Kenny is somewhat sane. Okay, there was that whole sleeping with Stephanie thing but that was only at the would-be wedding. Since then, heís been in quite a slump himself. Stephanie, too. Wow, seems like spring training is not so fun when everyoneís life is stagnant. OooohhhÖnot Bobbyís, though. Heís actually enjoying being a fan and watching the wannabe rookies. His energy must be contagious because he gets the entire gang out to a game, too.

They all remember what itís like to be a fan, except PJ. Sheís been fighting back the urge to cheer since she became a reporter (you have to be unbiased in the media booth). When she finally lets go of that control is when she finally finds her fresh perspective. She writes about the fun of the game. About the endless possibilities that abound at spring training. Basically, she gets excited again.

So if ever youíre in a slump, all you have to do is recognize it. Brendanís going to make an effort to stay away from crazies. PJ is going to relax. Bobby is going to stay awesome. Mike is going to stay weird. Andy is never going to let the gang take a spring break week without him again and Kenny and StephanieÖwell, letís just say when PJ and Bobby go to get beer for the poker game, they see what Stephanie was trying to tell PJ all week. Oh yeah, Kenny missed his flight to stay with Stephanie and now theyíre kissing in front of her building. Nope, not kidding. Cheers to curveballs.
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