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Two Real-Life Stories That Made Their Way Into The Big Bang Theory
Although at times The Big Bang Theory characters seem a little exaggerated or over-the-top, this weekend the writers team confirmed that several real-life stories have made their way into The Big Bang Theory plot.
Why Bernadette Talks The Way She Does On The Big Bang Theory
During a Comic-Con panel with The Big Bang Theory writers and Melissa Rauch on Friday, we finally learned exactly why Bernadette talks the way she does on the long-running CBS comedy.
Big Bang Theory Is Introducing Another One Of Penny's Relatives, Here's What We Know
The Big Bang Theory has kept the focus over the years squarely on the gang of nerds and the folks who have been drawn into their orbit. The next season will introduce more of Penny's family, and one of her relatives has the potential to be hilarious.
The Big Bang Theory Just Cast Penny's Mom And She's Perfect
The Big Bang Theory has done a pretty good job of slowly introducing the audience to the characters' parents. Now, we're finally going to get to meet Penny's mom, and the casting is absolutely perfect.
More Criminal Minds And Beyond Borders Crossovers? Here's What We Know
When Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders first hit the schedule, the series seemed in a lot of ways like the more expansive series in the franchise, featuring characters who jet-setted across the globe to save Americans in danger all around the world. Now this is happening.
How Wilmer Valderrama Feels About Taking Over For Michael Weatherly On NCIS
We only recently learned that Wilmer Valderrama would be joining the cast of the long-running drama, and the actor spoke out this week at San Diego Comic-Con to explain exactly how he feels about taking over for Michael Weatherly on the hit series.
Will The Original MacGyver Appear In The MacGyver Reboot? Here's What The Producer Says
We've known for a while that CBS was going to be rebooting MacGyver. The decision was made to move forward to series this past spring, and the brand new CBS drama starring Lucas Till and George Eads just started shooting last week.
Where Scorpion Season 3 Is Kicking Off
Network dramas often have a knack for ending on cliffhangers, and CBS' Scorpion was not an exception when it ended out its second season this past spring. The fan-favorite drama left us wondering what was going on with several of the characters' relationships, including Happy's marriage reveal and Paige and Walter's interest.
How Stephen Colbert Feels About The Criticism Of His Show
Some problems early on led to criticism from some fans and media outlets and recently Stephen Colbert explained exactly how it has felt to deal with criticism related to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.
Why Zoo Went With That Shocking Twist, According To The Showrunner
Just because it isn't the fall season doesn't mean TV can't upend viewers' expectations with some major shocks that will have you hollering at the walls. Major spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched the episode.
Watch Stephen Colbert Crash The Republican National Convention In True Colbert Style
When Stephen Colbert made it clear he was going to be doing something a little different for The Late Show's coverage of the Republican National Convention, it didn't take much of an imaginative leap to assume that he'd try some particularly ridiculous antics. And such an antic occurred.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Getting His Own TV Show, But Not How You'd Think
Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a big name for himself in both showbiz and politics over the years. Now, he's moving to the small screen for a TV show that not many of us would have expected for him. And no, we're not talking about Celebrity Apprentice.
How The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Will Kick Off
Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory gave viewers a lot to get uncomfortable about, and the finale upped the ante in a strange way, as everyone was left wondering what manner of seduction transpired between Sheldon's mom and Leonard's dad. Here's what to expect when Season 10 kicks off.
Jon Stewart Is Heading To The Late Show With Stephen Colbert For The Best Reason
After seeing Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the same network for so many years, it's still weird getting used to seeing only one and not the other. (And on a different network.) Thankfully, Stewart will be stopping by The Late Show at the best possible time.
How Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel And Stephen Colbert Compare In The Ratings
Where do each of these shows land in the ratings? And which late night shows perform better with the younger advertising demographic? Here's what we know.
Fuller House's Lori Loughlin Just Landed A New Gig
Fuller House's Aunt Becky is certainly a West Coast girl at heart. However, Lori Loughlin, who plays Aunt Becky on the show, had enough time in her busy schedule to take on another gig.
Check Out George Eads On The Set Of CBS' MacGyver
The CBS reboot of MacGyver is getting into full swing with shooting for the pilot episode. Actor George Eads was spotted on set for a big opening scene. Here's how he's shaped up since his CSI days.
How The NCIS Season 14 Cast Is Shaking Out Without Michael Weatherly
NCIS might be heading into Season 14, but the CBS staple is probably less stable in terms of cast than it has ever been. Here's what we know about Season 14.
NCIS Just Added A Major Actress For Season 14
Viewers are getting at least two more seasons of NCIS on CBS, and there will be no shortage of new faces when Season 14 arrives. The cast, which said goodbye to Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo in the last finale, is growing by one more with the addition of a TV vet.
Big Brother 18 Live Feed Spoilers: Who's Getting Evicted On Thursday... Most Likely
The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who won the Veto, whether or not it was used, and some other things going on in the Big Brother house, so if you're trying not to get spoiled, turn back now!
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