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Criminal Minds: First Look At Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss Back For Season 12
Criminal Minds has had some extremely hectic months going on between Season 11 and Season 12, but it all led to the permanent return of Emily Prentiss. Check her out!
Big Brother 18's Paul Explains Why He Made That Crucial Decision
Big Brother Season 18 finale spoilers ahead! Did they make the wrong choice in bringing the person they brought to the end? That's always going to be a question when the final Head of Household winner doesn't end up actually winning the game. Could they have won if they'd evicted the other person?
NCIS' Newest Characters Have A History Together, Here's What We Know
NCIS just returned to the schedule this Tuesday, and the series has already jumped into life without Tony DiNozzo. This includes introducing two new characters, Nick Torres and Alexandria Quinn.
Kevin James' New Show Kevin Can Wait Just Added The Best Guest Star
The new CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait just premiered this Monday, but the show has already nabbed its first appearance from one great guest star.
What Really Happened With His Criminal Minds Firing, According To Thomas Gibson
Thomas Gibson was suspended from the CBS drama and then fired following an altercation, and while he's spoken out with warmth about his previous gig, he's finally coming out to explain his side of the story.
Big Brother Season 18 Winner Is Crowned
Spoilers from Big Brother Season 18's finale ahead! Well, that's that. Another summer of expecting the unexpected closes with a relatively satisfying conclusion. Tonight's finale turned out to be a real nail-biter when it came down to the votes, but ultimately, one Big Brother player managed to make BB history tonight.
How Michael Weatherly's New Series Bull Did In The Ratings
This week is a big week for television, as a lot of the major networks are premiering new and returning series. Last night was a particularly big night for programming and especially new releases.
Why JonBenet Ramsey's Brother Is Probably Suing CBS
Following the premiere of the network's recent documentary, it now looks like the brother of JonBenet Ramsey will pursue legal action against CBS.
MacGyver Review: CBS's New Drama Is Good Friday Night Fare
The new MacGyver was a series with the potential to win big or spectacularly flop in its return to primetime. As it turns out, MacGyver 2.0 is perfect for what it is, get the details here.
Why Bull's Creator Wanted Michael Weatherly For The Role
Many actors could have been at the head of CBS' new drama Bull, but none would have brought the network synergy of former NCIS mainstay Michael Weatherly. Here's why Bull's showrunner went after the actor.
How CBS Just Crushed A Major Daytime TV Record
We have just learned that CBS has just achieved a major daytime television record. Get the details!
How The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Premiere Did In The Ratings
There's been a lot of talk over the past several months regarding whether or not Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory will be the CBS sitcom's last. Here's how the new episodes of the show did in the ratings.
How The Big Bang Theory Handled All Of Its Family Drama
For some of the characters in The Big Bang Theory, tonight's Season 10 premiere was one of happiness. But that happiness was fleeting, as the convergence of all the characters' families created some very stressful moments for all involved.
Stephen Colbert Went Undercover At Wrigley Field For A Late Show Sketch
Stephen Colbert lived for more than a decade in Chicago, and his baseball loyalty still lies with the Cubs. He recently found a new way to attend a game when he donned a disguise for a trip to Wrigley field.
The Good Wife Spinoff Just Added Another Fan Favorite To The Cast
The Good Wife spinoff just got a new character that should please a lot of fans.
Why Michael Weatherly Has An NCIS Co-Star To Thank For His Return To TV
For the first time in over a decade, TV viewers won't seeMichael Weatherly kicking things off as NCIS special agent Tony DiNozzo. But he revealed he has a former co-star to thank for jumping on his next project, CBS' Bull.
Bull Review: Michael Weatherly's New Hybrid Legal Crime Drama Is Good, Could Be Great
There's something about Michael Weatherly that's very watchable. Your eyes are drawn to him on the screen. It's his presence. He never blends in, but yet, he doesn't come off as too showy.
Big Brother Season 18's Final Three Revealed
Spoilers from Big Brother's Wednesday night episode ahead! Big Brother Season 18 is in its home stretch. It's bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. And whatever other baseball references apply.
The Star Trek TV Series Just Got Delayed, Here's What We Know
Things had been going so well for the Star Trek: Discovery in the Interesting New Developments department that I'd somehow forgotten that bad news could also occur.
The Difference Between The Guys And Girls On The Big Bang Theory
While there are a lot of pros for the actors on these shows, The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco recently revealed in an interview that there are certainly some net cons for playing the same character for 10 seasons on television--especially for the ladies.
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