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CBS Already Has A Replacement For BrainDead In Its Summer Lineup
CBS announced two of its summer shows would be ending. Both BrainDead and American Gothic got the axe on the network. If you were wondering whether or not any other originals would be joining CBS' Zoo in the summer lineup, we do have an answer for you.
Man With A Plan Review: Matt LeBlanc's New CBS Comedy Is Bland And Forgettable
CBS' new comedy, Man with a Plan, has a big problem: It's not funny. In fact, the show is mostly bland and forgettable. You can get the full review here.
Ratings Roundup: The Best And The Worst For Each Major Network So Far
There are some fall shows that are faring way better than others, and we've decided to compile a list of network TV's best and worst to give you a taste of which of your favorite shows are doing well and which aren't
Why David Letterman Fueled The Rivalry With Jay Leno
He had to do a lot of things he didn't really love doing in order to keep his ratings up over the years. Now, he's retired and he's looking back at his career---with a big beard replacing his cleanshaven look, to boot.
What Happened During Mike And Molly's Final Taping, According To Billy Gardell
Series lead Billy Gardell explained what happened on the set while the team was filming the last episode of the sitcom, which ran for six seasons on CBS. Here's what he had to say.
NCIS Just Revealed Quinn's Tragic Backstory
Tonight's NCIS brought the return of Duane Henry's Clayton Reeves, but was most notable for adding major context to the life of Jennifer Esposito's Alex Quinn. Sadly, there weren't many smiles involved.
Shaq Finally Explains Why He Hides Behind Trees
Shaquille O'Neal is an absolutely ginormous man, so he tends to be spotted whenever he's out and about. He was recently spotted hiding behind a tree, and he's come out to explain why.
CBS Is Getting A Candy Crush TV Series
The world of entertainment has no problem with making TV shows and movies out of all sorts of products. Video games have become TV and film premises, as have board games and more. Now, it looks as if a mobile app is getting the TV treatment.
BrainDead And One More Cancelled By CBS
We're a month into Fall TV, but there are still some summer shows whose fates have been hanging in the balance. Now we know about two of them.
One Major Big Bang Theory Mystery Has Finally Been Explained
Of all the characters on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is the most mysterious while also being an open book. He has a wide variety of specific likes and dislikes, but we hardly know why he's so particular about most things. Well, now we have the reason behind one of his more noticeable quirks.
Bull And Two More Get Full Series Orders At CBS
It's been a pretty song season for TV thus far. After strong starts to some of its fall programs and a few good weeks of follow-up, CBS has already announced that three of its freshman shows have earned full season orders.
The Price Is Right Just Had One Of The Craziest Moments In Game Show History
There are plenty of reasons why people watch game shows, but few, if any, watch specifically to see TV history be made. That definitely happened on this morning's The Price is Right.
How Jason Segel Feels About A How I Met Your Mother Reunion
It's only been two years since How I Met Your Mother said goodbye to viewers with its highly controversial finale, but it's never too early for a reunion, right? Here's how Jason Segel feels about it.
How Criminal Minds Wrote Off Hotch
Tonight's Criminal Minds episode was the first without Hotch, following Thomas Gibson's firing. Here's how they explained his departure.
How Paget Brewster Feels About Returning To Criminal Minds
Paget Brewster has not been shy when talking about the problems that led to her eventual exit from Criminal Minds several years ago. Still, the actress is making a big return to Criminal Minds this week.
Why William Shatner Turned Down A Big Bang Theory Appearance
Given all the genre-friendly guest stars that The Big Bang Theory has welcomed, William Shatner's continued absence is surprising. But there's a reason for it.
How NCIS Paid Tribute To Its Deceased Showrunner
NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg tragically passed away last week at the age of 50. This week, the show found a wonderful way to pay tribute to the man who had helped turn it into must-see TV for millions.
Could Syndication Deals Kill The Big Bang Theory? Here's What We Know
The Big Bang Theory feels like the most unstoppable comedy on TV nowadays, but there could be problems on the horizon. Syndication may actually mean that Big Bang could come to a premature end for a few big reasons.
The Big Bang Theory: First Look At Sheldon And Amy As Roommates
Even though Sheldon and Amy have been dating for over half of the time that The Big Bang Theory has been on the air, they have yet to live together. Until now. Sort of.
Will Richard Dean Anderson Show Up On The New MacGyver? Here's What The Showrunner Says
Although it's clear the new show can stand on its own two feet, there are still plenty of fans that would be happy to see the series nod at the original MagGyver series.
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