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Could Criminal Minds Bring Thomas Gibson Back? Here's What The Showrunner Says
Since Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds, showrunner Erica Messer has been quiet about it all. But now she's opened up about Hotch's chances of returning.
How CBS Feels About The New How I Met Your Mother Spinoff
A lot of people were pretty pumped about the spinoff when it was initially trying to get off the ground, so unsurprisingly, a lot of people were at least somewhat excited when the announcement was made that the project was getting a second chance. The only problem?
Watch Phil Simms Pretend He Didn't Fart During An NFL Wildcard Game Broadcast
Most of us have released a wicked bit of fartosity at one point or another, but how many of you can say you've let one rip on live TV? Well, it seems like CBS football analyst Phil Simms can certainly stake a claim to that bit of fame. Take a look.
The Silly Way The Big Bang Theory Got Judd Hirsch To Play Leonard's Dad
If you thought Judd Hirsch joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory required a lot of wheeling and dealing, the actor has a much better story.
What's Going On With The Big Bang Theory Renewal, According To CBS
Here's the latest on what is going on with the long-running series.
Criminal Minds Is Going Super Dark For An Upcoming Episode, According To Adam Rodriguez
Criminal Minds has never shied away from going dark, so you can imagine how pitch black an episode has to be for Adam Rodriguez to say that it might be the darkest one yet.
Kevin Can Wait And More Just Got Great News From CBS
As the midseason kicks in, most TV shows already locked down how many episodes they were getting, but CBS is being generous with three of its new shows.
How Sheldon's Mom Feels About Him And Amy Living Together
Ever since Sheldon and Amy moved in together on The Big Bang Theory, fans have been wondering what Sheldon's super religious mom, Mary, would think of the cohabitation. Well, we've finally found out.
Another Big Actor Is Joining Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds made it through a bunch of seasons with relatively few casting shake-ups, but it's been crazy recently. Thankfully, though, this latest announcement is good news indeed.
Why Hulu's Live Streaming Service Could Be A Huge Deal
Hulu's upcoming live TV streaming service is already getting attention, but some big announcements were made that should really get people reaching for their wallets.
Watch James Corden's Touching Tribute To George Michael, The Original Carpool Karaoke Guest
Following George Michaels' recent death, The Late Late Show host paid tribute to the late, great singer on his series. You can watch the touching segment, here.
What Michael Weatherly Misses Most About NCIS
Michael Weatherly made a huge career change in 2016, and now that he's been away from his former NCIS home for a while, he can look back to what he misses the most.
Ransom Review: CBS' New Hostage Negotiation Drama Can't Quite Close The Deal
CBS will kick off 2017 with a brand new show about hostage negotiations. Ransom has the potential to become a midseason hit, but the pilot has some major issues.
How Criminal Minds Fans Are Protesting Thomas Gibson's Firing
The Criminal Minds status quo was upset in a big way for Season 12 due to the firing of star Thomas Gibson. Now, fans of Gibson and his character have found a new way to protest his absence.
What's Going On With Sheldon's Engagement Ring On The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory had made some big steps in Season 10 when it comes to the Sheldon/Amy romance. The question now is of whether or not Sheldon will be busting out his engagement ring in the near future.
JonBenet Ramsey's Brother Just Slapped CBS With A Massive Lawsuit Over Recent Docu-series
CBS just landed in some very hot water because of their docu-series The Case of JonBenet Ramsey. Read on to get all the details.
The Awesome Gift Shemar Moore Got When He Left Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds has gone through a couple of big casting changes over the last few months. Veteran actor Shemar Moore kicked things off when he left the series last spring, and he recently revealed on Larry King Now that he got one really great gift when he left the CBS series.
Why The Good Wife Spinoff Had To Go Through Major Rewrites
It appears The Good Wife's upcoming spinoff The Good Fight had to go through some big rewrites recently, and creators Robert and Michelle King divulged why the changes happened.
The Crazy Number Of Original Shows That Aired In 2016
Every year around this time, I put together a top 10 list of the best shows on television. When I started writing this list years and years ago, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on most of the original shows being produced for television. That's no longer true.
When Cat Grant Could Finally Come Back To Supergirl
Cat Grant has been absent from Supergirl since way back in the beginning of Season 2. Now, we have an idea of when she might be back.
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