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Criminal Minds Is Adding A New BAU Member This Week
Criminal Minds cast members have come and gone over the months, and the next episode will be the latest to introduce a new recruit to Team BAU,
Could We See Another Earth's Kara Show Up In The CW's Arrow-verse?
With Supergirl now a big part of the DC TV universe, fans have wondered if we could possibly ever see another Kara from a different Earth. The Supergirl executive producer has an answer.
Why NFL Games Just Got A Lot Easier To Stream
Over the past few decades, the NFL has been an organization quick to retain its modernity, and though its streaming game has been slower-going, things just got a lot better for fans.
What Christopher Lloyd Did On The Big Bang Theory
It was announced a few weeks ago that tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory would feature a guest appearance from iconic actor Christopher Lloyd, but we didn't know who he'd be playing or how his character would feature into the main plot. Well, now we have answers to those questions.
CBS Is Doing Something Totally Unexpected With Its New Drama Ransom
CBS announced what its programming blocks will look like in early 2017, and it appears someone was doing some outside-the-box thinking as far as placement goes for the new drama Ransom.
What Set Person Of Interest Apart From Many Other Shows, According To Greg Plageman
While CBS shuffled it to the summer schedule for its final season and the show had to work out a bunch of final season plots in only 13 short episodes, Person of Interest still managed to finish out its run on a not to be proud of.
We're Finally Going To Get More Of One Criminal Minds Character's Backstory
In the weeks since, the BAU has worked to bring Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss back into the fold in a larger role and things have started getting a little bit closer to normal. Now, it looks like we'll finally get a chance to look into the background of one major Criminal Minds character.
The Odd Couple Just Got Bad News From CBS
The Odd Couple has been far more successful than other TV remakes in recent years, but the sitcom just got some bad news from CBS.
Could Thursday Night Football End Soon? Here's What The NFL Says
The NFL has been a hotbed of scrutiny in recent years, and a very recent report suggested the weekly Thursday Night Football telecasts could possibly end soon. Here's what the League says.
NCIS' Bishop Revealed Her Secret Coworker Boyfriend
Ellie Bishop had a lot to do in tonight's NCIS, and the episode clued audiences and characters in on who she's been dating on the sly.
Pure Genius Just Got Some Bad News From CBS
In years past, making it all the way to the holidays before a network official cancels a series would never happen. We're living in a new age, where the major networks often cut a show's order before they outright cancel a drama or comedy series.
That Time Kevin James Hilariously Ripped Off His Shirt For A TV Audition
Many of us have been through points where finding a job was all but impossible, and Kevin Can Wait star Kevin James has a hilarious story about one audition that left him shirtless.
Supergirl Just Dropped Two Big Cadmus Twists On Viewers
Supergirl has kept the mysterious Project Cadmus in the shadows for most of its two seasons so far, but the latest dropped two massive twists about the organization that could change the show forever.
How The Good Wife Was Supposed To End, According To The Showrunners
This week, The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King actually revealed that the ending we got was not the original ending to the series. Here's what happened.
Hawaii Five-0 Is Losing A Longtime Cast Member
A longtime cast member of CBS' Hawaii Five-0 is leaving the police procedural. Hit the jump to find out more about who it is and what we know about what is happening to the character.
Criminal Minds Has Already Found A Replacement For Hotch
Criminal Minds has been solving mysteries without Agent Hotchner for quite some time, now. The show has mostly not even bothered to explain what really happened with Hotch. At least until last night.
Madonna Is Finally Doing Carpool Karaoke, Check Out The First Look
James Corden's Carpool Karaoke will soon take on one of its most impressive and iconic guests yet, as the legendary Madonna has announced she and James Corden hit the harmonious highway together.
The Hilarious Way Bull's Michael Weatherly Got A Free Lunch From A Fan
Michael Weatherly is one of the most recognizable stars that we have on TV today, so it's no surprise that people would want to talk to him when they see him out and about. Well, he got lunch from one fan, but not for the reason you'd think.
Why The Walking Dead Lost In The Ratings For The First Time In Years
As one of television's most talked-about dramas, The Walking Dead has become a predictable cherry atop the sundae that is scripted Sunday night TV. But not this past weekend.
What Really Happened With Thomas Gibson's Criminal Minds Kerfuffle, According To The Other Dude
Going into Season 12, Criminal Minds faced the suspension-turned-firing of Thomas Gibson, and now the writer on the other end of that firing has come clean with his side of things.
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