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Derek Hough Just Joined A New Show, Which Is Terrible For Dancing With The Stars
Derek Hough has been a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars for a long time, but this new project is making things a whole lot stickier.
Watch Laurie Hernandez Cry On Dancing With The Stars After Grandmother's Death
Sometimes Dancing with the Stars contestants just have an "it" factor. This season, Laurie Hernandez has been crushing it, thanks to her passionate dancing and incredible athleticism. That doesn't 100% explain why she has done so well with audiences, though.
Sharna Burgess Injured On Dancing With The Stars
Dancing with the Stars has become synonymous with injuries over the years. The hit dancing series on ABC features pros competing with amateur dancers, and there's a lot of work involved to get the contestants up to snuff each week.
One Dancing With The Stars Contestant Scored Perfect 10s, Watch The Amazing Performance
Dancing with the Stars only kicked off a few weeks ago. While there are still some markedly mediocre dancers in the competition, this week also proved that there are some stellar dancers.
What's Happening With The Dancing With The Stars Protesters
We've finally got some news on those protestors who tried to rush Ryan Lochte during the live premiere of Dancing with the Stars a couple of weeks ago. Read on to find out what's happening.
How Much Weight Amber Rose Has Already Lost On Dancing With The Stars
A few days ago, we learned Ryan Lochte had injured himself during the series, tweaking his ankle during the first week of the competition. Now, other competitor Amber Rose has admitted she's already dropped a ton of weight just from dancing her butt off.
Dancing With The Stars Eliminated Its First Pair, Here's What Happened
No one had to worry about going home after last week's Dancing with the Stars premiere, but one pair of dancers wasn't so lucky this week.
Watch Olympian Laurie Hernandez Dance To The DuckTales Theme Song On DWTS
Now that we are getting close to the DuckTales 2017 premiere, interest is at an all-time high, and Olympian Laurie Hernandez used the show's popularity to make a mark on last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars.
Watch Dancing With The Stars Take On Game Of Thrones With Amber Rose
Dancing with the Stars brought back TV Night, and it featured a fire-filled dance set to the theme from Game of Thrones. Check it out!
How Dancing With The Stars Is Trying To Keep Ryan Lochte Protests From Happening Again
Following the crazy event that happened live on the air, ABC has put a plan into effect to make sure that what happened to Ryan Lochte and his dance partner Cheryl Burke doesn't happen again.
Apparently, Dancing With The Stars' Ryan Lochte Was Injured By Those Protesters
A couple of the protesters even stormed the stage, and Ryan Lochte's dancing partner Cheryl Burke just revealed that her partner was injured when it happened
How Dancing With The Stars Is Absolutely Crushing It
ABC's Dancing with the Stars had its two hour Season 23 premiere last night, and the show is proving that, even though it's been around for quite awhile, it's not on its last leg just yet.
Arrests Made After Ryan Lochte Protests On Dancing With The Stars
We didn't realize how crazy things could get until people began verbally attacking the Olympian and interrupting the judges, not to mention attempting to crash the live series broadcast during last night's Season 23 premiere.
Vanilla Ice's Dancing With The Stars Debut Was Exactly As Goofy As You'd Expect, Check It Out
Every season of Dancing with the Stars has contestants whose involvement seems to be based solely on an urge to make viral videos happen. Enter Vanilla Ice.
Ryan Lochte Almost Got Attacked On Dancing With The Stars, Here's What Happened
We knew Ryan Lochte's Dancing with the Stars debut would be controversial, but, wowzers! His judgment was actually interrupted by people storming the stage. Get the details.
Why Cheryl Burke Is Returning To Dancing With The Stars
Cheryl Burke was a fixture on Dancing with the Stars for the first nineteen seasons, but she has been absent from the show for the past four competitions. Now, she's coming back for a pretty great reason.
Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live Convince People That Donald Trump Is On Dancing With The Stars
Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been creating different versions of its "LieWitness News" segment for years now. However, this week he pulled out all of the stops to create what may be the funniest version of this segment, yet.
Why Dancing With The Stars Signed On Ryan Lochte, According To One Producer
ecause of this controversy, many of his sponsors dropped him, but then yesterday we learned that ABC has plans to pick him up for Dancing with the Stars. Executive producer Rob Wade recently revealed why the series opted to give the swimmer a shot, despite the press.
Apparently Ryan Lochte Is Already In Love With His Dancing With The Stars Partner, See The Evidence
Olympic medalist and now-noted trouble-maker, swimmer Ryan Lochte has admitted to being a bit of a playboy. Well, it looks like he might already have some designs on his new Dancing with the Stars partner. Check out the evidence.
The Dancing With The Stars Season 23 Cast Announced, Includes Ryan Lochte And More
Dancing with the Stars is set to return to the schedule in just a couple of weeks. It's hard to believe that the ABC competition series is headed into Season 23 and that the show is still attracting fairly big talent.

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