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Why Derek Hough Is Returning To Dancing With The Stars With Julianne Hough
Dancing with the Stars had plenty to offer audiences in Season 22, but one big thing was missing. Well, two. But don't worry, fans, because Derek and Julianne Hough are returning. Here's why Derek is able to do so.
Ryan Lochte Is Probably Joining Dancing With The Stars
It's only been a short time since Ryan Lochte left Rio, following allegations that he and a group of swimmers lied about being robbed at gunpoint. He's already figured out his next move.
Dancing With The Stars Winner Nyle DiMarco Just Landed A Brand New Gig
Nyle DiMarco stole the show week in and week out during Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. Now, fans will get another chance to see him take the stage and dance again.
A Dancing With The Stars Contestant Has Been Injured Just Before The Season 22 Finale
Some of these injuries are small enough that the dancers can tough through them, but occasionally contestants will have to take a week off or even drop out of the competition because of an injury.
Dancing With The Stars Had A Girl On Girl Dance Last Night
Earlier during the TV season, ABC made a big hullabaloo about how there would never be close quarters, same-sex dancing on Dancing with the Stars. The comments from the network at the time earned some backlash, and it didn’t take the network very long to change its mind.
5 Reality Show Personalities That Had To Leave Their Seasons For Medical Reasons
Let’s take a look at some of the reality show participants over the years who’ve had to check out of their series because medical issues got in the way.
The Blunt Comments Nyle DiMarco Just Made About His Dancing With The Stars Competitors
This week, however, DiMarco got a little cocky during his practices with professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd. In fact, he was so confident that he even took some shots at the other contestants. Here's what he had to say.
Dancing With The Stars' Jodie Sweetin Injured On The Set, Here's The Latest
Somebody change the sign by the door, because it has now been exactly zero days since the last accident on Dancing with the Stars. This time around, it was Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin that was the injured party.
The Worst Dancing With The Stars Partner That Cheryl Burke Ever Had
Every season, Dancing with the Stars sets up its professional dancers with a different type of celebrity, coming from different age groups, skill levels and fields. Some of these pairings make for magic on the small screen. Some of them, however, are a total nightmare.
Why Derek Hough Is Taking A Break From Dancing With The Stars
Derek Hough competed in Dancing with the Stars for a long time. So long, in fact, that he has won the Mirrorball Trophy six times with different dancing partners on the series. Unfortunately, Derek Hough opted to take a breaking during Season 22.
How Deaf Model Nyle DiMarco Is Able To Compete On Dancing With The Stars
We never know what to expect when it comes to a new season of Dancing With the Stars, and a lot of the fun comes from watching unlikely candidates compete for the title of champion. Season 22 has seen deaf model Nyle DiMarco dazzle audiences despite not being able to hear the music.
Why Julianne Hough Is Happy She Quit Dancing With The Stars
Judges leave reality competition shows all the time, for a variety of reasons. This season, Dancing with the Stars darling Julianne Hough ultimately decided to give up her judges chair. Here's why she's cool with the decision.
Watch Geraldo Rivera Put Up One Of The Worst Dancing With The Stars Performances Ever
Dancing with the Stars has seen a lot of memorable performances. Sometimes, the dancing we feast our eyes on…well it can leave a lot to be desired. Like when Geraldo Rivera failed to help the show live up to the “dancing” part of its title. Take a look.
The Full Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Cast Has Some Big Names
We’ve known for a while that Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin would be on board (among a few other names), but this morning the rest of the cast—and who they are partnered with—has been revealed. Check 'em out.
Jodie Sweetin Will Bring All Her Assets To Dancing With The Stars
A hot minute after Fuller House was renewed for a second season, series lead Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie on the hit sitcom, also announced she will be joining Dancing with the Stars next season.
Dancing With The Stars Is Losing A Judge For Season 22, Get The Details
Dancing with the Stars is about to lose one of its major players going into the long-running show's twenty-second season. A familiar face to the fans of the reality show is heading out just as one familiar face is returning.
How Much Scott Disick Is Demanding From Dancing With The Stars
Scott Disick is not known for many things. He’s the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids. He’s been to rehab a few times. And he’s got a reputation for being a hard-partying ladies man. Now Disick will be known for trying to get money out of Dancing with the Stars.
The Health Problem Tamar Braxton Is Still Dealing With After Dancing With The Stars
Dancing with the Stars contestant Tamar Braxton dropped out of the competition in November due to medical problems. Now she’s opened up about how much worse her condition actually was than what was thought at the time.
Dancing With The Stars: Why It Took So Long For Bindi Irwin To Get Paid
Australian activist and actress Bindi Irwin won Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars on November 24. Now, she's finally getting paid. What took so long? Well, it's funny you should ask.
Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite
For most of the time that Dancing with the Stars has graced our televisions, there have been awesome judges and contestants. While we won't get new episodes until March, the show is planning to bring back this fan favorite.

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