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Apple's Frankenstein-Oriented Holiday Ad Is Adorable, Watch It Now
We've yet to stuff ourselves with cornbread and turkey, but thanks to the advent of holiday shopping starting around the Thanksgiving holiday, we've already seen plenty of Christmas ads start hitting the Internet and TV airwaves.
Watch A News Anchor Try To Draw A Cannon, Accidentally Draw Something Else
The cool thing about the local news is that it is still often filmed live, which means we sometimes get to see awkward interactions between the anchors and more. Recently, a local news channel in Seattle tried out a fun new toy, enabling the anchors to doodle images live on television.
Watch Miranda Lambert Read The Meanest Tweet On Jimmy Kimmel Live!
This country music edition of "Mean Tweets" actually features some pretty funny comments, but also one particularly mean barb directed right at country music singer Miranda Lambert's forehead
Watch Jimmy Kimmel Tell His Own Kid He Ate Her Halloween Candy
This year, however, Jimmy Kimmel actually took his young daughter trick-or-treating for the first time. The next day, he joined other parents in the time-honored tradition of lying to them about eating their candy.
Check Out Negan's Violent Murder Scene Done With Lego
The Walking Dead offered up one hell of a bloody disgusting scene for its Season 7 premiere, so how about we see what it'd be like in LEGO? This is definitely not suitable for ages 3-4.
Watch An Over-The-Top Walking Dead Fan Scream And Swear At Her TV Over The Negan Deaths
The Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was a bloody and brutal hour that saw some major character die pretty awful deaths. One fan was caught on camera having a pretty extreme reaction to the violence.
Who Dressed Ken Bone For The Debate, According To Ken Bone
Ken Bone became famous for wearing a fuzzy red sweater to the Presidential Debate on Sunday, and the man joined Jimmy Kimmel via video from St. Louis on Monday night to talk about being a viral hit and, of course, his wardrobe.
Watch Sir Ben Kingsley's Zany Performance Of Rocket Man
Spike's Lip Sync Battle can always be counted on to bring out the over-the-top craziness in celebrities large and small, and it definitely delivered with none other than Sir Ben Kingsley.
Watch A Pronunciation Fail Cost A Guy A Million Dollars In Classic Wheel Of Fortune Moment
Wheel of Fortune isn't exactly the world's most difficult game show. There's an element of luck involved---especially when avoiding bankruptcy on the board---and contestants do generally fare better if they are familiar with a variety of phrases and are good at spelling.
Watch Simon Cowell Accidentally Punch A Female X Factor Contestant In The Face
Simon Cowell has been on the reality TV circuit for quite some time now. In all of that time, the man has become known for his biting criticism's along with his witticisms, but he's never actually been known for getting super angry or violent around contestants.
How Jon Gosselin Feels About Some Of His Kids Hating Him
For a short time Jon and Kate Plus Eight was a phenomenon on TLC. Fans were obsessed with watching the two co-parents try to raise their eight children, but then a divorce ensued and the whole premise of the show fell apart.
Watch Britney Spears Swear Off Men In Her Carpool Karaoke Video
James Corden has spoken out about the viral potential of his sketches a lot over the past few weeks, and this week he hit the concept out of the park by picking up celebrated pop star Britney Spears for a round of "Carpool Karaoke."
Watch This Hilarious Supercut Of News Bloopers From The Summer Olympics
However, on the journalist's end of Olympics coverage, often people are really excited about the weird moments and bloopers, and this compilation brings some of the silliest and funniest moments from the Olympics together into one easy-to-watch video
The Infuriating Reason The Egypt State Suspended Eight Female TV Anchors
People are a little bit aghast regarding news coming out of the Egypt State this week. Reports indicate that eight women have all been suspended from their jobs as TV anchors. The reason behind the suspension is infuriating.
This Olympics Diver Was Having A Really Bad Day
It's Olympic season once more, and we have the chance to watch the best athletes in the world compete for gold. Unfortunately, one of those athletes had a pretty terrible day in his diving event.
Watch An Olympic Weightlifter's Elbow Snap
During the Olympics weightlifting competition, contender Andranik Karapetyan, who is Armenian, totally snapped his elbow during an event. You can see the horrifying moment, below.
Watch A Lion Attack A Toddler On A Live TV Show
Recently, a Mexican TV show was airing a live segment featuring a lion and a toddler, which is not the cute combination you might be thinking. In fact, the lion actually attacked the baby, and you can watch the whole thing unfold.
Watch An America's Got Talent Contestant Accidentally Shoot Her Partner With An Arrow
Some of these AGT genres are dangerous, as we've seen this season with blindfolded tightrope walkers, daring knife throwers and one dude who has an incredible ability to swallow large objects. Unfortunately, last night a major trick involving an arrow went wrong live on the air.
Watch Jimmy Fallon Dominate Matt Damon At Box Of Lies
Matt Damon went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and proved that he definitely cannot tell a lie to save his life.
Watch Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel Go To Couples Therapy, Because Obviously
Jimmy Kimmel has built a late night career out of fun segments like "LieWitness News," but probably one of his most memorable claims to fame is his feud with Matt Damon, which has been going on for more than a decade, now.
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