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Game Of Thrones: Everything To Know From Season 3 Ahead Of Season 4's Premiere

Given that the Game of Thrones has about eleventy billion moving parts, there may be something you weren't planning on — remembering all of the details. Which is why we're here: to remind you about what happened in Game of Thrones season 3.

Aww Shucks, CBS: Don't Cancel The Crazy Ones

Alright, so, apparently good ratings and being one of the first series to get a full-season order this year is no indication as to whether or not CBS will keep a show around. Because their comedy, The Crazy Ones is looking very likely to be cancelled. And we, as TV viewers, are less than thrilled by that. In fact, we think it's a bad decision and we're here to tell you why, CBS.

Louis C.K. Gets Real In New Saturday Night Live Promos

Louis C.K. is here to save the day with the latest promo videos for his second ever hosting stint on the Good Ship Saturday Night Live. The clips hint that more of that signature Louie style is heading our way. And — at long last! — in his actual, natural accent. Oh yeah, didn’t you know? Louis C.K. is a total Bayou Baby!

Better Call Saul: What We Know About The Breaking Bad Spin-off

One thing is for certain: we're all very, very excited for AMC’s upcoming new series, Better Call Saul. Since the day the spin-off was announced, fans of Breaking Bad have gone off the deep-end of excitement. We here at Cinemablend know that it sucks to be out of the loop, so we've compile everything we know about your new favorite TV series thus far. Don't say we never did anything nice for ya!

Masters Of Sex And Ray Donovan Set For Summer Returns

Two of Showtime’s most successful freshmen series, Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex are finally returning to our small screens, but you won't have to wait until the pesky fall for their arrival. Both sophomore series will make summertime debuts their second go-around with 12, one-hour episodes for each, starting on on Sunday, July 13th at 9PM.

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin's 'Grace And Frankie' From 'Friends' Creator Heads To Netflix

File this one under "ohmygodthissounsdamazing!": Friends creator, writer, and executive producer Marta Kauffman has done it again, crafting a comedy we're fairly excited about for Netflix called Grace and Frankie. Oh, and in case you weren’t sure whether or not to be excited about it, the show will star two of its executive producers — you might've heard of them before? — the incomparable Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.

Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt Joining Masters Of Sex

Marie Schrader will be taking her purple show on the road. The Breaking Bad actress known as Betsy Brandt has nabbed a recurring role on Showtime's Masters of Sex for its upcoming second season, recurring alongside the series’ stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan.

Veep Season 3 Trailer: Operation Lady POTUS Is Go

The hilariously delightful and putdown-a-plenty-palooza that is HBO’s Veep is inching ever-closer to its third season premiere. After the end of last season showing the POTUS on the outskis,the latest trailer shows Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Vice President, Selina Meyer, considering a presidential run. Talk about a game-changer, eh?

Orange Is The New Black At PaleyFest: 9 Quotes & 2 Details About Season 2

Though details on season two were scant at the PaleyFest 2014 panel for Netflix series Orange is the New Black, we did get one detail: more. From cast additions to fleshed-out storylines, you're getting more of everything you loved about season one. "Season two is more. It's more; all the things, all the details we wanted to know more about," explained creator Jenji Kohan. Friday, June 6th — why must you be so very far away?

Doctor Who And Orphan Black Reveal New Characters

It’s been a very busy few days for the folks over at BBC America. The network has made announcements regarding two of its biggest properties in the past 24 hours. Namely, that a new clone of Tatiana Maslany was set to arrive to Orphan Black, and the addition of a new baddie to wibble-wobble through time and space on Doctor Who alongside new Doctor Peter Capaldi.

4 New Mad Men Photos Have Us Soaring With Speculation

We're flying up, up, and away from the Mad Men we once knew — at least as evidenced by the new photos released today. Given that the AMC series is exactly one month away from premiering its seventh and final season we are in (cue the musical intro) the final countdown (dun-na-nuh-nun, dun-na-nuh-nuh-nun) mode. But it seems as though things are up in the air for the familiar faces of Sterling Cooper & Partners, and they’re all headed out to Cali-forn-i-a.

The Big Bang Theory Gets Crazy-Huge 3 Season Renewal

CBS has given a not one, not even two, but a THREE season renewal order for its mind-bogglingly popular series The Big Bang Theory. Three seasons! And I don't know if you know, but: that’s a lot of seasons, you guys. More than most TV shows get in their lifetime, let alone coming off of an already impressive seventh. Chuck Lorre must be one happy man. Bazinga?

Game Of Thrones Will Likely End After Season 7 Or 8 Says Showrunners

Just as all men must die, all television shows must end, my friends — and that goes doubly for HBO’s Game of Thrones, as much as people may not want to admit it. The epic fantasy drama has been a monster success for the network, but it’s not without a limited scope. According to the show’s co-creators, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the show has an expiration date worth sticking to, and both agree it should end after season seven or eight.

Jimmy Kimmel And Seth Rogen Get Weird In Austin-Based True Detective Parody

Well, we knew we were in store for many a more True Detective parodies, didn’t we? Considering the vice-like grip on current popular culture the divisive and exciting HBO series was during its brief, 8-week stint, it was inevitable. With characters — and we mean characters — like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson at the helm, so easy to parody as they are, the Nic Pizzolatto series was ripe for potential parody. So, naturally, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen decided to take a stab at it.

The Bachelor Finale Watch: Juan Pablo Galavis Is The Worst, The End

Much like last week’s untelling episode of The Bachelor, we went into the finale battle royale — arch enemies Clare and Nikki — knowing it wouldn't go well. And no one needs to tell you this journey’s been weird! And so, too, was the 3 hour streeeeeetchathon of a finale. We saw JP get rid of his One True Perfect Match (and no that is not a compliment, just a fact stated) Clare in favor of Nikki.

Cristin Milioti Thinks Your Morbid 'How I Met Your Mother' Theories are 'Insane'

Everyone seems to have an opinion and/or theory as to the how and the why Ted is telling his kids an incredibly drawn-out and long-winded version of How I Met Your Mother. Is it just Ted being Ted, or something far more nefarious? Namely: is this all a backwards way of telling us The Mother is dead? Not so, if this interview with the titular character (played by Cristin Milioti) is to be believed.

Scandal Gets The Telenovela Treatment In Jimmy Kimmel Escandalo Spoof

Jimmy Kimmel has given ABC's hit series Scandal the slightly-more melodramatic treatment it deserves by turning it into a telenovela. Following the absolutely rabid success of the Shonda Rhimes series — which is currently premiering the world over, gaining and even more ravenous fanbase than before — it makes sense that the perma-viral Jimmy Kimmel Live host would spoof the show's antics. It's just made all-the-more amazing thanks to the cast being involved.

Mad Men Reveals Season 7 Key Art: Who Is Milton Glaser?

So, AMC has gotten the ball rolling on the Mad Men season seven promotional onslaught! Yesterday’s brought us a 15-second wordless teaser, and today we have the key art featuring popular graphic designer of the 50s and 60s, Milton Glaser. And it’s no accident that the series’ creator, Matthew Weiner, chose this particular artist to craft the poster’s colorful artwork.

Joel McHale And Jim Rash's True Detective Parody Is Delightfully Confusing

Last night on E!’s The Soup, Community stars Joel McHale and Jim Rash did what they do best: skewer and satirize a movement in the cultural zeitgeist. In this case, the HBO series True Detective, which literally no one on planet earth can stop talking about and/or obsessing over. And we have to admit: their purposefully confounding clip is pretty funny.

Stop The Presses: A Mad Men Teaser Is Here At Last

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Finally, one of those stereotypically thin but still exciting clips from the final season of AMC’s hit Mad Men has hit the Internet. With just over a month to go until Don Draper (Jon Hamm) returns to his drinking, womanizing ways — for the last time. And frankly, the excitement is palpable — even if there isn't any in this teaser.

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