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A Game Of Thrones Rap Mixtape Is Coming: Hip Hop Hooray!

Not that HBO needed any help in the hype-building department, but the network has tapped 10 rappers to craft a mixtape inspired by its hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Featuring rappers like Common, Wale, and Big Boy, "Catch the Throne" is said to be a sweet little promotional gift made special for the Internet, slated to drop on Friday.

Lena Dunham's Saturday Night Live Promos Bring Nudity And Feminism

Lena Dunham is taking her brand of humor and perma-following controversy to the Saturday Night Live stage this week and NBC has just released the brand spanking new promotional videos to prove it. Saddling up alongside fellow hip young feminist Kate McKinnon, the duo hit all the appropriate Dunham talking points: nudity, GIRLS, exhaustive worrying, and self-deprecating honesty.

Tina Fey And Jimmy Fallon Flip Lips In Hilarious Sketch Fail

You know what’s better than a perfectly executed late night sketch? One that goes sort of akimbo and ultimately fails in the most hilarious of manners. And all of that is only made better when the folks involved are Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon. The duo attempted to “flip lips” — fairly self-explanatory, right? — in order for Fey to interview herself, only what transpired was a botched sing-a-long with a bevy of lip licking. Fail!

The Bachelor Watch: The Women Tell All, Only Not Really

Well: that was highly un-revelatory. Not that we totally thought it would be — more so that we just hoped it would. Because this season of The Bachelor has been trying at best. Maybe we were hoping some hard-hitting discussion, an acknowledgement from Juan Pablo that he’d been a dismissive egoist from time to time. Something. But this is The Bachelor so there’s literally no reason or precedent set to make us think that would happen. We all just want what we can’t have.

11 Clever Quips From Hugh Dancy's Hannibal AmA

Turns out our poor Will Graham’s real-life counterpart, Hugh Dancy, has a bit of a sense of humor about the absolute horror show his Hannibal character has endured thus far. (Thank goodness.) The levity was on display during the actor's recent Reddit AmA in support of the season two premiere, wherein we learned about Mads Mikkelsen's breath, Dancy's favorite lines, and what it's like living with Homeland's Carrie Mathison.

Yes! Aaron Paul Is In For Better Call Saul

It’s a tricky thing, bringing characters from a beloved series onto a different show within the same universe. But not once has that worry gone through our heads regarding Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad spin-off series, Better Call Saul. Especially with the news that Aaron Paul will be reprising his role as Jesse Pinkman. Now we’re just thinking about how we're going to lose our ever-loving minds in the best way.

Key & Peele Join Fargo: 6 Videos To Excite You About Their Casting

OK does anyone else think this casting smells of genius? Because I think this casting smells of genius. FX’s television adaptation of The Coen Brothers’ Fargo just went the comedic route, adding the actors of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele to the already-stacked and impressive roster of folks heading to North Dakota. And hooo wee nelly are we ever so excited.

Jim Parsons Yucks It Up In New Saturday Night Live Promos

The reigning king of mainstreamed geekery is heading to Saturday Night Live this weekend, taking his first turn as host on the longstanding NBC sketch show. That’s right: The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons is mere days away from helming the good ship SNL as it returns from its winter hiatus. And now we’ve got the promotional video to prove it! [Bazinga joke!]

The Bachelor Watch: 63 Thoughts From Juan Pablo's Ridiculous Overnight Dates

I know this season of The Bachelor has been totally without controversy or shock (har har har), but on Tuesday night all of that changed. As it turned out, one of our fair maidens was not besotted by our fair prince of True Everlasting RealiLove. In what was an incredibly long-awaited epiphany moment from the Bachelorette-to-be (I mean: really), Andi realized what the rest of us have been gagging over this whole time.

New Fargo Clip With Billy Bob Thornton Only Scrapes The Series' Surface

It takes a lot to convince us that a remake/reboot/reimagining of a pre-existing thing is a good idea. Original ideas in Hollywood are about as common as haystack needles these days, but sometimes — sometimes! — an idea to bring a pre-existing entity and world to the small screen pays off. And FX’s TV adaptation of the hit Coen Brothers film, Fargo looks to be just that.

Lena Dunham To Host Saturday Night Live With Musical Guest The National

Lena Dunham is about to get her Studio 8H debut. The real-life embodiment of Girls’ Hannah Horvath, writer, director, and creator Dunham will take her first trip to Saturday Night Live on March 8th of this year with musical guest The National. Time to get your best naked cake jokes ready, you guys.

The Bachelor Watch: Those Hometown Dates Weren't Nearly Dramatic Enough

Alright kids, please pardon my untoward language but: wasn’t that some bullshit we just saw on this week’s episode of The Bachelor? I mean, they set us up for crazy after last week. They were misleading like all get-out in those promotional materials! Where was the drama, where were all the absolute “oh hell to the no” commentary from the parents that we were promised? Where were the tears, the yelling, the game-changing?

Doctor Who Casts New Recurring Character — Is A New Companion In Our Midst?

Exciting news, Whovians! Turns out the TARDIS will be built for three in its upcoming eighth season, as actor Samuel Anderson (he of The History Boys and Gavin & Stacey fame) has been tapped to join the cast of Doctor Who. Is this a new companion for the Doctor? A potential love interest for Clara Oswald? So many questions!

10 True Detective Season 2 Dream Cast Pairings We Would LOVE

The fervency with which fans have taken to HBO's original series True Detective is impressive. Naturally, the series' striking visuals, gripping storyline, and incredible acting have helped turn this into can't-miss TV of the grandest proportions. But given that Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey's story ends after the finale next month, some minds have turned to casting season two. And we've got some ideas of our own.

Seth Meyers Gets Farewell Video From Saturday Night Live Cast And Writers

Well this is nice. Filled equally with humor and earnestness, several members of the Saturday Night Live family bid their last farewell to Weekend Updater and longtime cast member Seth Meyers in a new video in advance of his December 24th premiere on Late Night. Featuring many of the show’s cast members — new and old alike — it showcases the impact Meyers had during his time as the late night sketch show’s head writer.

About A Boy Review: Jason Katims Comedy Disappoints And Delights In Equal Measure

There’s something about what Jason Katims does that’s so goddamn winning. He has a knack for putting organic stakes in his series that both inform the character growth and development, but also naturally give rise to interesting stories. Unfortunately there’s not much beyond the patina that shines through on his latest effort, NBC’s About A Boy.

Cee Lo Green Is Leaving The Voice

After six seasons on NBC’s megahit singing competition show, The Voice, original judge Cee Lo Green is packing up his sparkly tops and pettable cat for good. Announcing it on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, the Goodie Mob singer revealed that he would not be returning to the show as a judge after this forthcoming cycle.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Premiere: Will Smith, U2 And More Usher In New Era

This is going to hurt and I'm sorry to be so blunt, but: Jay Leno, this is how you host The Tonight Show in 2014. Jimmy Fallon kicked off his tenure on the NBC late night stalwart with a bright, brassy, optimistic bang — and a Spike Lee joint to boot. Cool, contemporary, and yet somehow still classic? We're more than on board for this late-night reboot.

The Bachelor Watch: Juan Pablo And The Whisper Games

Pssst… hey, you guys: can I tell you a secret? It’s private just between us and you probably didn’t realize it by now, but Sharleen is not ready to get engaged to Juan Pablo. And in the whisper games that were Monday night’s The Bachelor, the "Oprah singer" (his words) from Germany sent herself home. But that wasn't even the most dramatic part of the evening, natch.

Penny Dreadful Full-Length Trailer Will Overstimulate You With Horrors

Penny Dreadful is slowly turning itself into one of our most anticipated new series to uncover. The latest, fullest (finally!) trailer for the Showtime series gives us a bit more than the creeps — and, at long last, actually gives us a look at the full cast (Look! There’s Reeve Carney! I spy a Billie Piper!) and horrifically unsettling storyline we're about to encounter. Things are about to go bump in the night.

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