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3 Horror Franchises That Need A Halloween-Style Refresh

How many more horror franchises would be better off if they ignored the franchise?

The New Halloween Was Originally Going To Kill Dr. Loomis

The new Halloween ignores all the previous sequels, but it almost approached the original film in a very different way as well.

Awards Contender A Star Is Born Is Making A Lot Of Money Too

Traditionally, there are two types of films, those that win awards and those that make money.

Frozen Princess Kristen Bell Has Some Problems With Snow White

Disney has built an empire on the fairy tale princesses they've created, but one of the new princesses has an issue with the original.

The First Curse Of La Llorona Trailer Is Tense And Terrifying

The team behind The Conjuring has something new to scare the hell out of you.

Deapool 2’s Zazie Beetz Actually Auditioned To Play Another Marvel Character First

Zazie Beetz stole the show as Domino in Deadpool 2 but she could have played a very different Marvel character.

Destroyer Trailer: Check Out Nicole Kidman's Intense, Oscar-Worthy Performance
Tom Holland Celebrated Spider-Man: Far From Home Wrapping With Awesome Set Images

The final film of the current phase of the MCU is nearing completion and Tom Holland has given us our best look yet.

What Ben Affleck Likes About His Daredevil Movie

The big screen Daredevil isn't one of the superhero genres greatest hits, but there's one aspect of the film that Ben Affleck really likes.

We Finally Know What The New Walt Disney World Pricing System Looks Like
J.K. Rowling Has More Of The Fantastic Beasts Story Mapped Out Than We Thought

Before the first Fantastic Beasts movie ever came out J.K. Rowling revealed it would be the first of five films.

Why Mulan Became A Hero To The LGBTQ Community, According To Ming-Na Wen

Mulan is one of Disney's most popular Princesses, especially to a particular subset of fans.

Keira Knightley Says She's Banned Her Daughter From Watching Some Classic Disney Movies

Keira Knightley has been in her share of Disney movies. Apparently there are some she won't let her child watch, however.

Halloween Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Are Saying

The Halloween franchise has come back with a unique take on the material 40 years after the original. How does the sequel hold up?

First Man Changed Up One Key Historical Moment, According To The Book's Author

First Man purports to be a true story, but at least one moment in the film was likely not true to life.

5 Things That Should Be Added To Downtown Disney At Disneyland

Downtown Disney is a great place to eat and shop at the Disneyland Resort, but it's still a little lackluster.

Angelina Jolie Looks Totally Unrecognizable In New Movie Come Away

It's been a while since we've seen Angelina Jolie on the big screen, but one of her next films has her looking unlike we're used to seeing her.

The Weird Instructions Claudia Kim Was Given To Play Nagini The Snake In Fantastic Beasts

Claudia Kim's character in the new Fantastic Beasts movie is one of the most talked about aspects of the new film.

Why The X-Men Might Not Work In The MCU, According To Sophie Turner

With the Disney/Fox merger on its way to completion it's only a matter of time before the X-Men join the Marvel Cineatic Universe, right?

Why Oscar Isaac Wasn’t Shocked By The Star Wars Fan Backlash

While many love the new Star Wars trilogy, the films haven't been without their detractors.

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