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Is This Why Disney Chose To Open Solo: A Star Wars Story In May?

With the recent news that Lucasfilm may be hitting the pause button on spin-off Star Wars movies, it makes the decision to release Solo: A Star Wars Story when they did all the more strange.

LEGO The Incredibles Review

LEGO video games and Pixar movies have a great deal in common. They're both such great family fun that it seems shocking we're only getting our first Pixar-themed LEGO game now.

Why The Spawn Reboot Won’t Reveal Too Much Behind-The-Scenes Information

A lot of comic book fans are looking forward to the long-rumored Spawn reboot, but they probably shouldn't look forward to hearing a lot about it before it hits theaters.

How Much Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Made On Opening Night

When Jurassic World debuted three years ago it went on to become one of the highest grossing films ever made. Expectations are certainly high for the sequel, so how did it start out?

MoviePass Is Planning To Add Surge Prices, Like Uber

MoviePass as a service is barely recognizable when compared to what it was less than a year ago. Many of these changes have been welcomed by movie fans, but others, not so much.

Sandra Bullock Asked To Be Fired From A Movie After Dealing With Unwanted Advances

In recent months dozens of women have come forward with terrible stories of the treatment they have received in the entertainment industry. We can now add Sandra Bullock to the list.

What The First Scene Of Star Wars Episode IX Might Be

With filming not yet started on the final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, we have little idea where the new movie will go. However, if you think about it, how the movie will likely open might be quite obvious.

Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman Doesn't Actually Mind The Wakanda Salute

It seems that with the popularity of Black Panther Chadwick Boseman can't get away from people giving him the Wakanda Forever salute and asking him to do the same. Contrary to previous reports, he may not be as tired of it as we thought.

Disney Just Got Sued Again Over Inside Out

Disney is no stranger to lawsuits from people claiming the House of Mouse stole their idea. However, Pixar's Inside Out is now the basis for a yet another lawsuit from another individual claiming they created Inside Out first.

6 Pixar Easter Eggs And References In Incredibles 2

One of the most fun parts of watching any Pixar movie is looking for the easter eggs hidden throughout it. Incredibles 2 was no exception in that regard. It's full of great easter eggs and references for eagle-eyed fans to locate. Here's what we spotted.

Johnny Depp Reveals How Much It Actually Cost To Shoot Hunter S. Thompson Out Of A Cannon

Johnny Depp has been making the news a lot lately regarding the various legal proceedings surrounding the actor's money. He's been accused of spending a lot of money on some fairly outrageous things, and Depp now wants to set the record straight.

Infinity War's Josh Brolin Explains How Benedict Cumberbatch Motivated Him To Play Thanos

Marvel fixed it's long-standing "villain problem" by making an entire film about the villain. Josh Brolin brought Thanos to life in a way few have been able to do with motion capture characters, and we can apparently thank Benedict Cumberbatch for that.

How Incredibles 2 Calls Back To The Original Incredibles Movie

The Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first film left off, but it took 14 years for the film to get there. As such, it's possible you missed a couple references the new film makes to the original.

AMC Has Come Up With A Plan To Compete With MoviePass

AMC Theaters has made it clear that the chain is no fan of MoviePass since they dropped their subscription service down to $9.95. Now, the company has unveiled their own competing service to take MoviePass head on.

New Ad For John Travolta's Gotti Calls Critics Trolls

Gotti, a new film which stars John Travolta as the titular mobster, isn't doing very well with critics. However, rather than take it lying down the movie is firing back at the critics.

Disney Is Working To Change How It Does Theme Park Pricing

Tickets to any Disney theme park are not cheap. However, that doesn't stop people from filling them during peak season. In response, Disney is considering new pricing policies that may help deal with the crowds.

Robert De Niro Could Join A DC Comics Movie

Comic book movies are becoming so prevalent that you begin to worry if Hollywood may run out of actors to cast in them. Now, it appears one of our greatest actors might be up for consideration in one of those films.

The Sandlot Kids All Snuck Into Basic Instinct After Filming

For a particular generation, there may be no movie that better encapsulates childhood than The Sandlot. Of course, when you're a kid a lot of your time is taken up wanting to do more grown-up stuff.

Amber Heard Reveals How Zack Snyder Convinced Her To Sign On For Aquaman's Mera

The next entry in DC film universe will be Aquaman. While the character's power set in the comics often makes him the subject of jokes, the movie had no problem getting some pretty big names to join the cast.

More Evidence Star Wars Episode IX May Bring Lando Back

We have little idea what Star Wars Episode IX will have in store for us when it arrives in 2019, but one rumor that has been making the rounds seems to be gaining traction the closer we get to the start of production.

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