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Disney's Lady And The Tramp Remake Casts Tessa Thompson In Lead Role

Disney's remake of Lady and the Tramp is one of the highly anticipated movies heading to the company's streaming service, and now we know who will play the other title role.

Disney World's Magic Kingdom Will Be Closing Rides While The New Tron Ride Is Under Construction

One of the biggest new additions to Walt Disney World is about to get underway, but that means the park will have to get a bit smaller before it gets bigger.

Why Star Trek 4 Doesn't Need Chris Pine

Over the weekend we learned that the next Star Trek movie may be in trouble after Chris Pine refused to take a pay cut.

What’s Happening With The Uncharted Movie, According To The Director

With a director and a star, it seemed like the long-awaited Uncharted movie was finally moving forward, but things have been quiet now for quite some time.

Looks Like The Simpsons Movie 2 Is Finally Happening

Ever since The Simpsons made their first jump to the big screen there has been talk of a potential sequel, now it looks like the follow-up is actually happening.

Mamma Mia 2! Has Quietly Made A Lot Of Money

Discussions of the recent box office have focused on movies like Mission: Impossible and the ever-present Disney machine, but another film has quietly been raking in cash without many people noticing.

Why The Wasp Shouldn't Get Her Own Movie, According To Evangeline Lilly

While team-up movies like Avengers: Infinity War are often the best part of the MCU for fans, the goal for many actors is leading their own solo superhero movie.

Don't Expect The Avatar Movies To Ever Be Set On Another Planet

After nearly a decade it looks like the Avatar sequels that James Cameron promised may finally actually be happening, but while we don't know exactly what they'll bring, we know one thing they won't.

Why Christopher Lloyd Was Really Nervous About Coming Back For Back To The Future 2

It took four years for the Back to the Future sequels to get underway in the late 1980s and while fans were certainly excited when it finally happened, one of the film's stars was actually quite nervous.

Toy Story 4: What We Know So Far

At the end of Toy Story 3 it truly looked like the story of these toys was at an end. But the folks at Pixar thought there was more to be explored in the world of toys and so we begin preparations for Toy Story 4.

Walt Disney World May Add A Wreck-It Ralph Attraction, Remove One Of Its Least Popular Ones

Wreck-It Ralph is about to return to the big screen, but it looks like he might also be making a big move into Disney Parks, replacing one of the least popular attractions currently running.

Watch Chris Hemsworth Troll Fans With Avengers 4 Spoilers

Following the epic results of Avengers: Infinity War there may be no more anticipated film than Avengers 4. Few actually know what happens in the next movie, but Chris Hemsworth is one who does.

Star Wars Fans Got Too Excited About A Photo Today

Star Wars Episode IX is currently in production and that means it's Christmas for Star Wars fans as every few days we get something new to pour over.

Jungle Cruise Will Reportedly Feature Disney's First Openly Gay Character

Disney's Jungle Cruise movie is shaping up to be something quite big from the House of Mouse, but it turns out the scale isn't the only thing the new movie may be using to make an impact.

The Rock Reveals The Massive Set Of Disney’s Jungle Cruise

Filming is currently underway on Jungle Cruise, Disney's latest film to be based on one of Disneyland's popular theme park attractions. Get your first look at the incredible set right here.

Shane Black Is Still Interested In Making The Nice Guys 2

Shane Black has made some incredibly popular films, but he'd love to make a sequel to one few people saw.

8 Huge Original Movies Still Coming To Netflix This Year

It's been a good year for Netflix so far as they continue to create new original films of remarkable quality, but there's a lot more still to come.

Blade Runner Icon Sean Young Is Wanted For Burglary

Actress Sean Young was a pretty big star in the 1980s thanks to roles in films like Blade Runner and Dune. Now she's in the news for a very different reason.

Every Disneyland Attraction, Ranked By Three Disney Superfans

While pretty much everybody loves Disneyland to one degree or another, for some of us, love borders on obsession.

See The First Image Of The Live-Action Dora The Explorer

Dora the Explorer is one of the most popular animated children's shows of all-time, now get a look at her live-action counterpart.

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