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Will Mean Girls 2 Happen? Here’s What The Stars Say

Most of the Mean Girls cast members have moved on to bigger and better things, but of course there's one star who REALLY wants a sequel to happen.

Chris Pratt's Hilarious Parks And Rec Scene That Didn’t Make The Show

On the one hand we're always grateful for hilarious Chris Pratt stories, but on the other, we feel a little cheated by Parks and Recreation.

Mark Wahlberg Will Star In, Rename The Six Million Dollar Man

Mark Wahlberg is pretty perfect for this role, but that title sure has some 'splaining to do.

Why IMAX Isn’t Giving Any Opening Weekend Screenings To The Hunger Games

There's a fight for IMAX space this November, which Mockingjay could be losing to one box office competitor.

Vampyres Trailer: The NSFW European Lesbian Vampire Story You’ve Always Wanted

Victor Matellano’s Vampyres is seriously NSFW, but just wait until you get to the bath tub scene.

Hitler Is Apparently On Tour To Promote A German Movie

Look Who's Back!, a German movie, resurrects Adolf Hitler for a film promotion, but are we all laughing?

AMC And DirecTV Might Go To War Over The Walking Dead

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at big television networks, most of which we innocent audience members needn’t worry our pretty little heads about. The only time we do see the smoke of a blazing corporate fire is during contract disputes. Forget battling walkers. It's the corporate suits that are the real problem for Rick and co.

Tigger Caught By 3-Year-Old Girl Having Sex In Baby Changing Room

Oh, bother! A man in a costume proved that bouncing's what Tiggers do best as a three-year-old walked in on his washroom sex session.

The Star Wars 7 Wrap Party Sounds Like A Great Time

If ever you needed final proof that Star Wars: Episode VII is a real movie, which will one day come out of in theatres, in this galaxy, then look no further than the Instagram evidence of a glitzy wrap party. Having spent the past few months shooting around the UK, the cast and crew threw it down at London's Science Museum (how fitting) on Saturday night to celebrate completion of the eagerly-awaited film.

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Hilariously Butcher The Word Penguin Over And Over

Peng-wings? Penglins? Benedict Cumberbatch possibly has the most charming idiosyncrasy as he fails to pronounce penguin.

What Fifty Shades of Grey Had To Do To Avoid The Graphic NC-17 Rating

They had one job! Find out exactly why the new 50 Shades of Grey movie will be leaving too much to the imagination.

Watch Emma Watson Making The Strangest, Most Beautiful Awards Speech In Movie History

On the heels of her rousing #HeForShe commentary, Emma Watson's BAFTA acceptance speech delivered an entirely different animal.

Why Utopia Is One Of The Biggest Failures In The History Of Television

After consistently failing to find an audience or any kind of love among reality TV addicts, Fox has finally pulled the plug on their self-described “social experiment,” Utopia. The news is hardly a surprise, but while many are gleefully warbling “I told you so” across Twitter, few are remembering exactly how much this reality show cost the network.

Woody Harrelson To Host Saturday Night Live Ahead Of Hunger Games Release

Woody Harrelson has been tapped to host the November 15 episode of Saturday Night Live. Expect no end of Hunger Games or True Detective parodies.

This Is How Iggy Azalea Shut Down Haters With A Halloween Costume

Remember the Insta-Slamming feud between Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg? Well, she just shut it down with one very clever Halloween costume.

What Star Wars 7 Gave Every Member Of The Cast And Crew After Filming

On the final day of filming, J.J. Abrams was quick to express his gratitude for all his crew's hard work. How you may ask?

Magic City Is Getting A Movie And Adding These A-Listers

It's a kinda magic! A movie of the now defunct Starz series, Magic City, will bring back most of the original cast along with two surprising movie stars.

What Nightmare On Elm Street Fans Often Steal Before Fan Conventions

Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund reveals that fans often bug him to sign frowned-upon memorabilia. Hint: It's not the souls of their first-born children.

Is Terminator: Genisys Going To Make Arnold Get Naked Again?

The production team behind Terminator: Genysis are using some Skynet-level technology to once again bring us a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Trailer For Aubrey Plaza’s Grumpy Cat Is Self-Aware, Sarcastic and Full Of Christmas Spirit

Ever wondered how Grumpy Cat would sound with a human voice? Lifetime thinks it would be a lot like Aubrey Plaza.

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