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TV Recap: My Boys - Spring Training

Isn’t it sad when your passion becomes just a job? PJ’s experiencing just that at spring training. Every spring training column has been done to death and she can’t find a fresh idea no matter what she tries.

TV Recap: Ugly Betty - Curveball; Fall Issue

There is so much to talk about from this week’s season finale of Ugly Betty but the most important is how stupid Betty can be sometimes and how much Daniel has changed since the premiere episode a few years back.

TV Recap: My Boys - Friends of Friends

Poor PJ and Bobby have been broken up with. I guess it was more of a first date rejection but still. It’s so hard to find new friends once you’re out of school, I was really pulling for them.

TV Recap: HIMYM - The Leap

Okay. There’s no skirting around it this time. Is it possible that the genius behind How I Met Your Mother has finally set up a specific meeting place?

TV Recap: Ugly Betty - In the Stars

It’s time for the wedding issue at Mode and you know what that means? Yup, love all around. Mostly anyway. There is also some weird Marc something that makes you shudder and it is performance review time but other than that, it’s pretty much straight up candy and flowers.

TV Recap: My Boys - Facebook the Past

Facebook has invaded My Boys. PJ’s using it to keep up with old friends, Brendan’s using it to promote the bar, Kenny’s using it as a way into his life, and Mike, well, Mike is being creepy as always.

TV Recap: Fringe - There's More Than One of Everything

In typical Fringe fashion, we had a few great episodes and then on really disappointing one. There was great potential. After all, Walter ran off with the Observer and Nina Sharp has been shot. Maybe I’m being too picky but when I’m promised answers, I expect them. Read on and decide if you learn everything you wanted to learn.

TV Recap: HIMYM - As Fast As She Can

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That’s what I want to say after this week’s How I Met Your Mother because it is most definitely not Stella. Plus, Lily came back. All I can say is…yay!<

TV Recap: Ugly Betty - The Born Identity

It’s presentation day. Cal Hartley is coming to Meade and it’s the only chance the team has to impress him. What’s more impressive than a kidnapping? Oh, did I not mention that it’s also kidnapping day? Fun times at Mode.

TV Recap: My Boys - Madder of Degrees

Chicago winters are brutal. I mean, anywhere the high is one degree has got to mess with your head, which is exactly what happens to PJ and the boys this week. What’s even more chaos ensuing is when for a few days, the weather suddenly changes and it feels like summer. Eventually everything goes back to normal and the snow returns. During those few days, though, people seriously go nuts.<

TV Recap: Fringe - The Road Not Taken

What the what? That’s all I can say about this week’s Fringe. The stage is definitely set for a big showdown finale that will finally give us some solid answers. Some about Olivia, some about Walter, and most definitely some about the pattern. Oh, and by the way, for all those viewers whose DVR’s cut off right before the end because Idol ran long, I have what happened then, too.

TV Recap: HIMYM - Right Place Right Time

Isn’t it funny how the little decisions you make can change your entire future? If anything in the day Ted talks about had happened any differently, he never would have met the mother of his future children.

TV Recap: Ugly Betty - Rabbit Test

Betty’s back and she’s saving Meade’s ass, as per usual. She can’t save Christina, though, who is now positive William is her baby. She also can’t help Daniel keep his dignity. Hey, at least they all can still work at the magazine.

TV Recap: Fringe - Midnight

Have you ever loved some one so much you would be willing to die for them? If not, you’re not as lucky as the man with the killer wife in this week’s episode of Fringe.

TV Recap: My Boys - Carpe Burritoem

PJ has turned into Brendan’s very own Jiminy Cricket. See, he always makes the worst decisions so she’s taken that little life process away from him from for one week to see if it improves his life.

TV Recap: HIMYM - Right Place Right Time

Did you know the reason guys are supposed to wait three days to call after meeting a girl is because of Jesus? Oh yeah. Barney explained the whole thing on this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

TV Recap: My Boys - Decathlon, Part Deux

Yay, it’s decathlon day! It’s the one day when it’s okay to be completely competitive and I only have one question: How is it possible that PJ hasn’t learned anything about men’s behavior in relationships?

TV Recap: Fringe - Bad Dreams

Another fine episode from the whacked out minds over at Fringe give us a worthwhile storyline that concludes and actually gives us hints as to what’s going on. I can only hope that all those extra storylines are lost forever because a “Lostie” I am not.

TV Recap: Fringe - Unleashed

Fringe is quickly becoming the show I can’t miss. After stumbling to find its way, this week’s episode finally encompassed comedy, suspense, and a little bit of what the? I mean, how can you not have all these aspects when there is a giant tiger/snake/scorpion running loose around Boston?<

TV Recap: My Boys - The Boyfriend Hat

Everyone knows it’s a difficult transition from friend to boyfriend, right? Well, maybe Bobby is just finding out but at least he has Andy there for guidance. Where else would he learn that when your girlfriend is questioning the authenticity of her promotion you should just nod and say uh-huh?

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