TV Recap: My Boys - Decathlon, Part Deux

Yay, it’s decathlon day! It’s the one day when it’s okay to be completely competitive and I only have one question: How is it possible that PJ hasn’t learned anything about men’s behavior in relationships? I mean, she hangs out with all guys and her best girl friend, Stephanie, is a best-selling relationship expert who just scored a freelance gig at Cosmo. Still, PJ is clueless about how to act with Bobby and vice versa. At least they learn with relatively low drama.

The teams are chosen and it’s the “Dream Team” of Bobby, PJ, and Kenny versus “Angola” which is Andy, Mike, and Brendan. First up is Kerplunk. Score one for the Dream Team. Then it’s some crazy ice cube thing and that brings the Dream Team to two. The third game of the night is Operation and I know you think I’m going to say score three but…while Bobby is choosing which piece to take, PJ starts telling him what to do. He gets so stressed out that he loses the game and the Angola team has a point. Seriously, PJ? Would you want some one annoyingly telling you what to do? Didn’t think so.

Turns out Bobby doesn’t like it, either. He tells PJ she’s too competitive and for the remainder of the time, she is just a good sport. No, really. She high fives the Angolas when they win. She doesn’t really try to answer any of the questions. It’s horrible and the Dream Team is falling fast. Finally, the decathlon ends and Stephanie announces a tie. After last year’s tie debacle, though, new rules were put in place for just this occasion. There is one final lightning round. Whichever team can write down the most correct answers in two minutes wins. Can you guess what happens?

The first question is an easy one for the Dreams and not so easy for the Angolas. The Dreams are charged with which male tennis star holds the record for most grand slam wins. PJ says Sampras and Bobby says Federer. Kenny has no idea. PJ says to go with Bobby’s answer because she’s trying to be a team player and the fight stops being so passive aggressive. Okay, it’s not really a fight but still. Kenny, being the wise one and the one who really wants to win, quickly tries to tell both PJ and Bobby that they were wrong. Before they can write anything down, though, time is up and Stephanie takes their blank piece of paper. Score none for the Dream Team.

The Angolas were asked how Clementine died in the song and Brendan took the entire time going through the song in his head to try and figure it out. Right before time is up, he comes up with drowning and…score one for the Angolas. And the Dream Team is out. Seriously. Why would PJ think it’s a good idea to basically emasculate anyone and why would Bobby think he can say PJ is too competitive when he wants to win just as badly? Like I said, at least they’re somewhat normal and they realize what they did. They are an uber-cute couple so I hope all their disagreements go as smoothly as this one. Especially since I don’t know what would happen to the gang if they broke up.

Oh, and lest I forget Stephanie’s piece for Cosmo. She follows the guys around when they’re alone and she discovers that they do absolutely nothing. They “power down” and just relax. And, it actually works because she tried it one day and felt better than ever. Look at that, so much learning going on this week. That’s just one reason I love these guys so much. They actually learn and don’t whine. Who knew that was a capability of a TV character? Huh. Imagine the possibilities if that started to spread.