Surprise? The New Shaft Is Getting Very High Scores From Fans

... contrary to all the hate from critics.

Keanu Reeves Reacts To 2019's Obsession With Keanu Reeves
How Judy Garland Would Feel About Lady Gaga In A Star Is Born, According To Liza Minnelli

Do you think she had any idea there'd be four A Star Is Born movies?

Why Ronan The Accuser Didn’t Appear Earlier In Captain Marvel, According To The Directors

There's a good reason why you already probably forgot about Ronan the Accuser... again.

Blumhouse Is Remaking Black Christmas

The studio famous for their horror flicks have called upon another '70s classic for an upcoming reimagining.

Kevin Smith Thanked Chris Hemsworth For Thor’s Endgame Appearance
Men In Black International’s Tessa Thompson Reveal How Much The Franchise Means To Her

The actress has a sweet connection to the films that dates back over 20 years.

Looks Like Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Opening Will Surpass Homecoming's

Spidey is getting more than a suit upgrade this summer!

Toy Story 4 Is At 100% On Rotten Tomatoes, Because Of Course

Critics are showing a lot of love for Pixar's upcoming Toy Story adventure.

The Justice League Snyder Cut Petition Has Raised A Ton Of Money To Fly A Banner Over Comic-Con
Annabelle Comes Home Video Features The Real-Life Warrens

Judy Warren still won't look Annabelle in the eyes.

Toy Story 4’s Tom Hanks And Tim Allen Explain Why They’re Like Woody And Buzz

These two will be an iconic duo to infinity and beyond!

Captain Marvel’s Honest Trailer Takes Aim At All The 90s References

This video goes higher, further, faster on the joking about the Marvel origin story!

Mark Hamill Admits He Was Intimidated To Voice Chucky In A Child’s Play

Get ready to see him take on yet another iconic character!

For Real, X-Men: Days Of Future Past Was A Better Conclusion Than Dark Phoenix

The X-Men franchise would have more gracefully concluded in 2014. Let's travel back in time and remember why.

Marvel Fan Claims To Have Seen Avengers: Endgame 110 Times
Quentin Tarantino Confirms His Potential Star Trek Movie Will Be Rated R

Are you on board for a grittier, Tarantino directed Star Trek movie?

Marvel Is Reportedly Not Rushing To Bring The X-Men To The MCU

We're all gonna need some space from the X-Men after the Dark Phoenix.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Gave In The Heights Director Jon M. Chu Four Blunt Words Of Advice
Why Patton Oswalt Was The Perfect Replacement For Louis C.K., According To Secret Life Of Pets 2 Director

Fetching up a new actor to play Max in the animated sequel turned out to be a treat!

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