13 Assassins is awesome. Unapologetically vile and aggressively gory, it follows a baker’s dozen of samurais as they willingly embrace death in a violent suicide mission aimed at taking out a Japanese Caligula. He’s murdered and raped for sport long enough, and now there are 13 men ready to expose their own throats to get in one punishing blow.

By now, I’m sure you’re on board with buying 13 Assassins immediately; so, let me pass on the relevant information. It’ll hit stores on July 15th, and it will be available on Blu-ray. Good. Carnage needs to be in HD to be fully appreciated. Really, it should be viewed on a large television, too, but not everyone has an IMAX inside his house. If only we lived next door to Montag's wife in Fahrenheit 451.

As for special features, none have yet been announced, but given director Takashi Miike’s rabid fan base, I’m sure Magnolia Pictures will reward viewers with a few little nuggets. Until then, get prepped by watching the trailer.

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