It's safe to say that I missed out on the whole Jared Hess bandwagon. To this day I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite. I didn't catch it in theaters, and by the time it hit DVD I was already so tired of hearing people quoting it that any attempted screening would have been undercut by my attempting to strangle Jon Heder through my television set. I gave Hess a shot with Nacho Libre and was punished for my indulgence. Not too surprising, then, that Gentlemen Broncos hasn't been on my radar at all.

Still, Hess' latest does have one redeeming quality that could compel me to give it a chance: the presence of The Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement. The story also sounds right up my alley. Michael Angarano stars as a teenage loner who attends a writers camp, only to have one of his stories stolen by a snooty fantasy novelist named Ronald Chevalier (Clement). It's a potent combination of star and story that might, just might, force me to forgive Hess for Nacho Libre and for every obnoxious asshole who's delivered the line "God!" in their best Heder over the past few years. But I still ain't watching Napoleon Dynamite.

Gentlemen Broncos comes to DVD and Blu-ray March 2nd, complete with the usual array of special features. Here's the lowdown:

Gentlemen Broncos Special Features
  • Outtakes Reel: A Buttload of Keepsakes
  • Five deleted scenes
  • Feature commentary with Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess
  • One Nutty Movie: Behind the Scenes of Gentlemen Broncos
  • BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE: 16 mini-documentaries featuring the cast of Gentlemen Broncos

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