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Highlander: The Source Is Coming To DVD

Highlander has certainly had a long journey since the original 1986 movie that spawned a franchise – a franchise that many people wish had never happened beyond the original picture. I can’t say the trip has been all bad – after all, Mario Van Peebles was pretty cool in Highlander III, although it didn’t quite make up for the sting of the planet Zeiss in Highlander II.

The latest chapter of Highlander bears no number, and actually is the first film to follow Adrian Paul’s character from the television show without including Christopher Lambert’s original Connor MacLeod. Of course, Highlander: The Source also skipped theaters and DVD and headed straight for the Sci-Fi channel, so I’m not quite sure what to make of it… especially as I don’t watch movies on commercial television.

Thankfully for my viewing habits, Highlander: The Source is headed for DVD on February 26th. We’ve gotten a look at the cover art as well as the extras the DVD will carry. Is it just me, or does the cover art borrow heavily from Tron? Take a look below for both:

  • “Highlander: The Process” – a mega-length behind the scenes documentary
  • Storyboard to scene comparisons
  • Highlander: The Source photo gallery
  • Tribute to Bill Panzer, creator and producer of the Highlander series
  • Highlander video game sneak peak