It’s surprising that it took so long, but the Plastics are coming back. Don’t get too excited, the Mean Girls sequel will be going straight to DVD treatment without any of the original stars and filmmakers. That’s totally not fetch.

A press release announcing a casting call for the film reveals that Paramount Famous Productions is handling the project, the same studio responsible for Van Wilder: Freshman Year and Wrong Turn at Tahoe. On the bright side, Paramount did manage to track down a director with some serious experience and even a Primetime Emmy, Melanie Mayron. The majority of her work is in the TV department, but she is the woman behind one of my favorite childhood flicks, The Baby-Sitters Club. The Baby-Sitters Club gone wild, that shouldn’t be too hard for Mayron.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

The story revolves around a new high school student, Jo, who agrees to befriend an outcast, Abby, at the urging of Abby’s wealthy father in exchange for paying all of Jo’s costs for the college of her dreams. Jo and Abby team up to take on the school’s “mean girls,” the Plastics. The story becomes a high stakes battle of loyalty that ultimately comes to a head when one of our heroines finds out that her friendship has been bought and paid for.

Sound like this could be for you? Well, if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, you don’t have to wait for the DVD to hit stores; you can audition to be in the film. Here are the (inexplicably excitable) details:

The Ernst and Young Building
Lower Level vacancy
at 55 Allen Plaza
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
  • Anyone with cool/ funky hairstyle, eyeglasses, or “Art Gallery” looks
  • High school sports fans, Mom and Dad types, with a Midwest feel
  • Casting ages 16 and up and “ALL LOOKS”
  • Mall rats, skater looks and preppies!
  • Real Cheerleaders and High School Jocks! Come in high school attire.
  • Looking for Asian-American and Latin-American actors for very featured bit roles.
Wardrobe notes:
  • NO LOGOS of any kind please!
  • Come in high school attire, jeans, ringer t-shirts, hoodies, skirts, etc.
  • Backpacks, bookbags, beanies, kangols, eclectic outfits and accessories
  • Please come in style, simple jewelry is best, with hair and make-up camera ready
Plenty of free parking and bring headshots if you have them.?Please bring official state IDs (e.g., driver’s license, birth certificate, U.S. Passport). School IDs are not sufficient.

For descriptions and photos of wardrobe and other fun stuff regarding extras casting on MEAN GIRLS 2, please follow our blog on the following link: and join our Twitter casting blast for what we are seeking daily at

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