Oops - Bruce And Lloyd Is Not A Get Smart Sequel

You may have seen our story about the upcoming Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control. The movie stars Masi Oka and Nate Torrence as two of Maxwell Smart’s colleagues from this summer’s Get Smart theatrical redux, only off on their own adventure which hits stores just shortly after its theatrical counterpart.

Well, we made a slight mistake in the reporting on that movie. We mistakenly called the straight-to-DVD flick a sequel. We were quickly corrected that Bruce and Lloyd isn’t a sequel to this summer’s potential comedy blockbuster, but that the events in the DVD movie run parallel to Steve Carrell’s adventure.

Oops, our bad. My assumption that it was a separate adventure came from the movie’s trailer (which is what we were reporting on), which gives the feeling of this being a separate story from Get Smart. Take note that Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control is not a sequel and be assured I’ll be specifically watching to see just how parallel the two movies run when I check out Get Smart in theaters on June 20th and Bruce and Lloyd on DVD July 1st.