Maisie Williams Recently Watched Game Of Thrones, And She Has Some Brutally Honest Thoughts

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Whenever you have a series that’s beloved by millions of people worldwide, the finale of said show is going to be a tricky business, and many television shows have wrapped with endings that failed to make viewers happy. But, there are few series that have garnered the amount of negative attention in the finale season that Game of Thrones did, with the HBO mega hit pissing so many people off, and to such an extreme degree, that fans started a petition to have Season 8 remade. The stars of the fantasy have had plenty to say about it since closing that chapter of their lives, but now that Maisie Williams has rewatched it, she has some brutally honest thoughts on it.

What Did Maisie Williams Say About Game Of Thrones After Rewatching It?

There is scarcely such a thing as “appointment viewing” anymore when it comes to many millions of people all sitting down at the same time to watch a popular TV show as a new episode premieres (with the possible exception of GOT spinoff, House of the Dragon), but the story of several families jockeying for power definitely fulfilled that description. Though Arya Stark’s portrayer noted a few months before the finale that she was “proud” of Season 8, while admitting that fans likely wouldn’t be “satisfied” by it, while speaking with Twitch creator talfuin (via TikTok) recently, Williams shared her opinion on the show after having now rewatched the whole thing, saying:

It was…It definitely fell off at the end [laughs]. But, it started really strong.

Well, there ya go! It was probably difficult for the young talent to have an objective view on something that massively changed her life the way GOT did while she was still in the middle of it, or even right after completing her work on it. She officially ended her time on the hit in the summer of 2018, but with months until those episodes began to air, and the amount of publicity surrounding them through the end of the following year, it makes a lot of sense that it took a while for Williams to go back to it and make an honest appraisal.

There are still many formerly devoted fans who continue to despise the last season, so the actress is far from alone in her thoughts on where the series that made her a star began and where it ended. Other Game of Thrones cast members, like John Bradley, have also noted that it was “highly unlikely” that the writers would have been able to please more than a “fraction” of the fans, anyway, but some have staunchly defended the finale by calling it “perfect.” 

So, with even the stars of the show not being in agreement on much, other than the fact that they all worked hard to do the best they could with what Season 8 presented them with, it’s probably fair to say that we’ll be arguing about this ending and it’s many unanswered questions for years to come.

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