Maisie Williams Isn't Sure Anyone Will Be Satisfied By Game Of Thrones Ending

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Maisie Williams is offering her perspective on whether the final season will satisfy Game of Thrones fans. She is not so sure it will. The reason? Williams explained, saying:

I don't know that anyone is going to be satisfied. No one wants it to end, you know? But I'm really proud of this final season. I've always felt ashamed to say things like that, but I am. I'm really proud of all the work that we've put in. Yeah, for me it's like the right time. And yeah, I hope people like it.

That the show is ending at all will definitely impact how fans feel about the series' final season. As to whether it is possible to get a popular consensus that Game of Thrones' final season was a success, only time will tell for certain. Maisie Williams shared her keen observation with Sky News (opens in new tab).

Game of Thrones is arguably facing one of the most towering challenges it has dealt with during its entire run: wrapping its story up in a way that leaves most fans satisfied. The key word being “most,” and not all. Because let’s be honest: it is impossible to please everyone.

It is nice to hear Maisie Williams express her pride in the final season. No matter the reaction to it, she and the cast have put in a lot of hard work. Admittedly, George R.R. Martin may have felt the show could go on longer, but Williams says she feels the time is right to say goodbye.

Eight seasons and nearly a decade after it all began, Game of Thrones is quickly arriving at the premiere of its final season. The cast has had time to adjust to the idea for a while, having wrapped on the series a while ago. For fans, the mourning process has not had a chance to begin.

The chance to see how all of the Game of Thrones cast and crew's hard work pays off is getting closer and closer. The cast has been giving fans some compelling teases as to what to expect. Maisie Williams’ co-star Kit Harington recently expressed his hope that the series’ final chapter would “change TV” yet again.

The sentiment Maisie Williams expressed regarding fans' satisfaction is understandable. Game of Thrones has been heading towards this moment for a while. Expectations have had lots of time to build. Add to that the sadness it is ending at all, and you have a recipe for dissatisfaction.

Given how long fans have been invested in how Game of Thrones will end, it makes sense they will be sad to see it go. Between all the fan theories and years of pondering it all, there is room to be dissatisfied no matter what happens. Hopefully most of the fanbase will wind up happy.

Maisie Williams had previously described filming her final scene, saying she ended on the “perfect” note. The scene involved Arya having some alone time. Hopefully, she will not spend too much of the season that way. With her beloved brother/secret cousin returning to Winterfell with a bunch of familiar faces, private time should be challenging to find.

Arya has spent so much time on her own that would be dissatisfying if she spent most of Season 8 that way. There is ample reason to suspect that she will not. Game of Thrones' final season premieres Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The series' eighth season is among many awaiting viewers, and there's plenty still in store in the midseason.

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