Nintendo announced last week that they're partnering with Universal Parks and Resorts to create a number of attractions and rides based on Nintendo's games. They haven't announced exactly what kind of attractions to expect so all we can do now is speculate.

There are a lot of great ways that Universal could utilize Nintendo's games and characters in their theme parks. Here are some of the best ideas that we came up with.

Legend of Zelda
Legend Of Zelda Quest Through Hyrule
Legend of Zelda's Kingdom of Hyrule has been fleshed-out so much over the years that it deserves its own attraction. Universal could recreate key landmarks from Hyrule for a walking tour. The tour would take visitors through iconic locations like Death Mountain, Kakariko Village and the Lost Woods. To make the attraction a little more engaging, Universal could include some side activities like VR training lessons from Link. Link could teach visitors some valuable skills they'd need to survive in Hyrule like swordfighting and tossing boomerangs.

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