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How You Can Learn Hyper Light Drifter's Lore In One Minute

Some games have really complex stories with layers upon layers of context that aren't always made evident during the actual gameplay. Dark Souls games are known for their extremely deeply woven stories that are never fully explained in the game itself, and Hyper Light Drifter is the same way. Thankfully there's a video that explains the lore of Hyper Light Drifter within the span of a minute.

The video was picked up by Game Informer and was put together by YouTube outlet Lore In A Minute.

The video explains that the world of Hyper Light Drifter, long ago, was a technologically advanced place. The races who inhabited the land experimented with artificial life and discovered an immense and powerful energy source buried within the land.

Things get real science-fictiony then after, as the races of the land constructed four pillars to harness the power of the land and create a "perfect cell". The purpose of the cell would be to inject it into them and make everyone in the land immortal. Like all great works of science fiction, Hyper Light Drifter's story takes the turn most people expected: the experiments went wrong and before the "Perfect Cell" and its powers could be harnessed, the creations turned against their creators, blew up the lab and killed off a lot of the inhabitants.

This was all further exacerbated by the presence of the Four Titans, giant monstrosities that further wrecked the land and practically killed off every living thing on the planet.

Players take on the role of the Drifter, a sick and dying being who has the sword of light, going around kicking righteous butt and having visions about the Four Titans.

The Cthulhu-style abomination that was responsible for the explosion in the lab containing the Cell is still present, fighting against the Drifter every step of the way. A mysterious dog joins the Drifter to lead them to the location of the Cell to discover what went wrong exactly.

The video does a fantastic job of setting up the world of Hyper Light Drifter without spoiling everything. They manage to give gamers a nice little rundown of the lore while still keeping enough of the game's story a mystery so that players will actually have to go out, play the game and discover all the secrets for themselves.

Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter is one of the few original IP that managed to become a Kickstarter success. It not only released in a timely manner but it upheld its promises and maintained its continuity and vision from what was showcased during the early days of its development.

The game has gone on to sell hundreds of thousands of units across the PC, making it an instant hit and a huge success for the indie studio. You can grab Hyper Light Drifter right now for PC or keep an eye on the digital stores for its release on Xbox One and PS4.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.