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3 Horror Game Franchises That Need To Be Totally Rebooted

In the age of virtual reality and all kinds of other advances rearing its face in video games today, there's a few horror games I feel like would benefit from getting a do-over in this day and age. And I only say these few because I feel like the game could be bettered into something it was always meant to be.

Silent Hill

Yes, I said it. Now that Silent Hills has become an utter failure, it's time to start getting creative with the franchise. Rather than embark on a new and ambitious journey of a new installment, it's time to start thinking about a reboot. While I would probably be the first person to swear by the early Silent Hill games, I think it's time we make them scarier than we ever thought they could be. With a rebooted Silent Hill collection of the first three games for PS4, not only would Silent Hill fans be screaming, "Shut up and take my money!", but this is an opportunity to bring the franchise back to life---on training wheels. And no, I'm not talking about an HD collection like they tried to do some time ago. I mean a total reboot. Start from the beginning and craft it into something fresh while still keeping that Silent Hill _essence. I can imagine so many people are still pissed over the false hope of a new game, but now that _Resident Evil has been rebooting its games for awhile with some success, I am waiting for Konami to start jumping on the "late 90's, early 00's survival horror hype train." If we got the Crash Bandicoot remaster to happen, I truly believe anything is possible.


How has this game not already been rebooted? It was released in late 2003 and boy, was it terrifying. Created by Rockstar Games, Manhunt gives you the power to execute your enemies in each "scene" and your performance is...rated. It's pretty grotesque and if you know Rockstar (who has been at the center of controversy with their violent Grand Theft Auto games), then you know it wasn't pretty. What makes this game great is the sheer tension and horror from the uncomfortable-ness of the gameplay.

Dino Crisis

I remember watching my dad play Dino Crisis when I was younger and though I hardly remember it, I do remember how beautifully cheesy it was in all its dino-glory. But, I believe there is a way to reboot this game so it's turned into something unique and beautiful.Dino Crisis was created by the makers of Resident Evil, and the game itself is as if Resident Evil and Jurassic Park had a baby. It's very distinct and I think that's what sets it apart from other games. Horizon: Zero Dawn may have mechanical dinosaurs, but I think the real thing could prove to be quite a hit in Dino Crisis.

All of these games embody some kind of unique element that I can't seem to find in today's games, and that's why I feel like these three games all deserve high-quality reboots, very much like the beloved classic series Tomb Raider. Their stories need to be retold, their graphics upgraded (majorly, in some cases) and the series reignited with a vengeance. As someone who can't get enough of a good narrative in a video game, I believe all three of these games have the power to create something fresh and stunning in today's video game industry.