God Eater Resurrection Review: A Well-Established Hidden Gem

God Eater Resurrection is a game that is based off of the anime series, God Eater. While I've never had the pleasure of watching the God Eater anime series, I didn't find I needed to have watched it to understand the game. And even though I had no idea what God Eater was going into the game, I felt like it was a pretty wholesome gaming experience.

As aforementioned, God Eater Resurrection is based off of an anime series. To put the story into perspective, a group of warriors known as the God Eaters use special weapons to battle creatures, or Aragami, who have destroyed their world, and the only way to battle the them is to use weapons made out of the same material as the Aragami. Players can use huge scythes and guns that shoot missiles to take down the big Aragami.

What immediately drew me in was the opening movie which also showed off some of the anime series, and you can tell by the quality of the video. I am a fan of anime like Parasyte and Soul Eater, so I feel like I'm going to have to sit down and watch God Eater after playing this game. You can check out the opening sequence from the game below.

God Eater Resurrection did a really good job of teaching you how to play the game and helping you understand what's going on, especially if you've never seen the anime. I especially enjoyed the customization options for my personal character. I could change everything from the tone of my voice to the color and style of my hair, but what I didn't understand is if my character never talks during the game, why the option exists for the tone of my voice.

In terms of combat, I felt at the beginning it was fairly easy to understand with quick combos using my melee weapons, although I didn't like how the big guns worked for it was difficult to understand why I had to have OP to shoot the gun and not just ammo, and it made the whole combat experience with the big gun really irritating. So after getting frustrated with the gun (making it obsolete), I just forgot about it and continued to use my scythe-like weapon, my God Arc.

Probably because the game is based on an anime series, the characters felt really well-rounded with in-depth backgrounds, but I felt like I was missing some important part of the story about why they were who they were; just another reason for me to go and watch the anime.

God Eater Resurrection also allows you to play online with up to four friends, but the game is not a local multiplayer.

All in all, I think God Eater Resurrection is probably an underrated game limited only to those who watch the anime series and know what the game is. I really enjoyed the different characters in the game and the relationships between them and the RPG experience of being recruited as a God Eater and able to use my very own God Arc (the special weapon needed to kill the creatures or "Aragami"). It's a really great game to pass the time with or get together with friends to play together. And if you're a fan of any kind of anime series, I highly recommend you check this game out and eventually, watch the anime series. The series is currently available to watch on Hulu Plus for subscribers and is available on the anime video platform, Crunchy Roll.

God Eater Resurrection released on June 28 for the PS4 and will be releasing for PC on August 30 this year. For more information, check out the God Eater Resurrection official website.