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Rocksteady Studios and Sony released a new video detailing how they came up with Batman Arkham VR and what it's like bringing the game to Sony's PlayStation VR headset. The video is only three minutes long but it's just enough time to entice some gamers to become the Batman... in VR.

The video recently went up over on the PlayStation YouTube channel, featuring some of the bright minds at Rocksteady talking up the new VR experience for the upcoming PlayStation VR headset for the PlayStation 4.

Creative director Sefton Hill explains that after the studio finished up work on Batman: Arkham Knight (which is probably still a sore spot for some PC gamers due to the fiasco that transpired last year), they wanted to look at what they wanted to do next, and Sony had sent them development kits for the PlayStation VR, so they decided to use them.

Instead of simply taking the Batman Arkham formula that worked oh-so-well across the trilogy of games that have come out since 2009, Rocksteady decided that they wanted to tell a completely different tale that focused more on Batman's detective abilities.

They also talk about the ability to suit up as Batman... putting on the cowl, equipping the utility belt, throwing the Batarangs, and even utilizing the trusty grappling hook known as the Bat-claw. They've also introduced a new gadget into Batman's arsenal in Batman Arkham VR, which is the ability to scan a situation and recreate holographic scenarios. It's explained that the tool is used like a "torch" and as he examines a scenario he can use it to piece together the evidence and the crime scene.

The video isn't just about covering some of the details you may or may not already know about. One of the things discussed is how they've layered in tons of cameos, secrets, hidden Easter Eggs and lots of other goodies for players to discover, just like in the other Batman Arkham games.

They don't really detail how much content is in the game or how long the game will be. Basically it's a crapshoot as far as content value is concerned. Hopefully it ends up being worthwhile when it launches this fall for the PlayStation VR.

Technically we also still don't know much about the rest of the game. They mention briefly that there are some segments where players will have to figure out a way out of a death trap, but we still don't know what else will make up the majority of the title. It's not like you can just keep putting on the cape and cowl and looking in the mirror.

Hopefully we can expect to see more when the game launches this fall.

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