How To Save Some Money When Buying PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR
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The PlayStation VR headset might be one of the most highly anticipated VR gaming headsets coming to the market, but it's still fairly expensive. Don't worry, though, there are some deals floating around in order to knock the price down on the expensive piece of gaming gear.

According to IGN's deals, they have a coupon code for Tesco users that knocks off £20 from the purchase. The code is: TDX-GNKF. For those living in the U.K., that brings the price down from £349.00 to £329.00. In terms of British pounds to U.S., dollars that equates to $399 with a discount of $379. That's not too bad a deal.

The PlayStation VR is actually one of the cheaper options out there on the market at the moment for hardcore gaming enthusiasts. The competition sells for $599 and $799 respectively. The Oculus Rift going for around $200 more than the PlayStation VR makes it a tough sell to the average customer, and that's not to mention that you need a very powerful computer to run the Rift, I'm talking a GTX 970 and 8GB of RAM with an i5 processor just for starters. It's definitely designed to be a grade above entry level hardware. The same applies to HTC and Valve's Vive, the most high-end VR headset on the market at the moment.

The HTC Vive rocks the $799 price point, but it also comes with a lot of gear, including the VR lighthouses to read spatial movement from users and the twin 3D motion controllers that operate within the virtual space of a game.

The PlayStation VR can actually utilize motion controllers in a similar way to the HTC Vive, except it uses the PlayStation Move devices as the controllers. These tie into the use of the PlayStation Camera, which reads the data from the PS Move devices. Together, with the PlayStation VR headset, gamers can get a similar experience to that of the HTC Vive (as far as functionality and usability is concerned).

Of course, the HTC Vive still has higher specs and higher performance output just because it can run on PC. However, if you don't have the money to afford a high-end gaming rig and you don't have $800 to dump into a VR headset, the PlayStation VR is looking like a decent and the most affordable hardcore gaming option for potential VR enthusiasts.

Now some of you might be wondering about other cheaper alternatives like the Gear VR, but that's designed for mobile phones and lower-end VR apps. As far as playing console-quality games on a VR headset, your cheapest bet right now is the PlayStation VR.

The £20 discount for those in the U.K., definitely makes it look like a much better alternative than its higher-end counterparts. Pre-orders for the PlayStation VR have been going fast so I can only imagine that with the coupon code gamers will be grabbing this off the e-tailer shelves quickly.

You can look for the PlayStation VR to launch in full on October 13th from participating retailers around the world. It's being pegged by analysts as potentially being one of the big movers and shakers of the holiday season.

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