Check Out New Final Fantasy XV Footage From PAX West

Square Enix may have had to delay Final Fantasy XV further back into November, just after the Black Friday rush, but that doesn't mean they're done promoting the game. They had a showing at this year's PAX West in Seattle, Washington, highlighting some new gameplay footage for the upcoming title.

The footage comes courtesy of the Square Enix YouTube channel, where they posted up the entire live presentation during the PAX panel for Final Fantasy XV. The gameplay doesn't get going until the 24 minute mark, where we get to see Noctis and his buddies in action.

The video features a side-quest in Final Fantasy XV where we get to see some manual driving where the quartet of boy-band quality heroes take a ride through the desert toward a quest destination. The video starts with the boys having just repaired the Regalia, and they head up into the mines in the mountain.

They mention that they've been improving the car physics in each of the builds leading up to the PAX demonstration. This improvement includes better car physics, car damage, and even whiplash for the characters if you slam on the breaks.

They then enter into the dungeon where they must kill some monsters deep down into the depths of the mines.

We learn for the first time that some of the enemies, such as the goblins, can steal a player's potion and use it to restore their health if it's too long. Additionally, if they steal an HP potion from you, it's possible to defeat them and get the potion back if you can defeat them before they pop the potion. Final Fantasy XV also features item scavenging in the deep dungeons, giving players plenty to uncover no matter where you go.

The video also cover one of the other neat parts about the game, which is the ability to mix and match magic by combining items. They showcase how to equip the custom magic and how to use it, and create an explosive fire bomb with an extra side-order of electricity, which burns up the goblins and electrifies. One of the really cool things showcased is that electric attacks used around water will work as a conduit and increase the damage of the effects. The fire-bomb with electricity was very dangerous when used around a puddle of water, killing the enemies and also damaging the player's team as well.

They also showcase the tag-team abilities in Final Fantasy XV, such as being able to add a buff to some characters where it's possible to tag all nearby enemies and have Noctis take all of them out.

After getting two-hit killed by a level 38 monster in the mine dungeon, the video moves on to showcase some Chochobo racing, and we see a race between Noctis and Gladio. The Chocobo racing in Final Fantasy XV will feature multiple levels, upgradeable Chocobos and different races sprinkled throughout the game world.

The demonstration is concluded with a showcase of a Magitek boss fight, where it requires deconstructing specific parts of the armor in order to take it down. Unfortunately the stream is interrupted shortly after the boss fight, but we briefly get to see one of the other characters in the game, Aranea.

Nevertheless, you can look for Final Fantasy XV to launch at the end of November for the Xbox One and PS4. The extra delay seems as if they're using that time wisely to brush up the game as much as possible.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.