Live-Action Super Mario Galaxy Is Making Us Dizzy

For some games we always wonder what it would be like if they were real... if they took place in our actual world. How would that look? Well, for some reason there are a lot of people fascinated with turning Super Mario into a real life venture, and Corridor Digital did just that.

Yes, the same Corridor Digital that brought you the awesome Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon live-action short-film is the same one that put together a video featuring a real-life take on Super Mario Galaxy. The game on the Wii was already a head-trip, putting players in gravity-defying and reality-bending scenarios involving small planets and spatially incomprehensible situations. Well, Corridor managed to bring that same level of zaniness and craziness to their live-action project that gives gamers a look at what Super Mario Galaxy would be like if it took place in real life.

The three minute video starts with Mario and Luigi on a tiny planet. They run around and fight over an item box on the opposite side of the stage. Mario ends up getting a Star and both he and Luigi teleport to another planet where Mario pimp-slaps a turtle so hard that it goes back into its shell. Mario then kicks the turtle and disposes of some Goombas in the process.

Luigi ends up surfing on the turtle shell, hitting Mario, knocking the Star out of him only for Mario to fly in on a blue shell and grab the star.

The clip seems to combine the older Super Mario Bros versus modes with Super Smash Bros in a Super Mario Galaxy mash-up. The effects look great, though.

The Mario brothers end up facing off on a planet that collides with another planet. I have no idea how they managed to capture the scenes in the way that they did but they're absolutely mind-boggling, and, as the title of this article states, dizzying.

Things get really twisted when Mario and Luigi start warping through the green sewer pipes. They go into and out of an area in order to grab the Star. I have no idea how they managed to pull off the effect, but it's mind blowing.

There's a second video on the Sam and Niko channel where it runs for 16 minutes explaining the grueling process of how they put the whole thing together. The really crazy part about is that it took nearly a whole day for the video to render and export.

How they filmed it and how they edited it all was a real marvel, and the finished product shows. There aren't many Hollywood movies with effects quite like this, and they really went with something completely different here.

The fan feedback has been nothing but supportive, with plenty of digs at Nintendo peppered in about how they copyright strike everything and pull down a lot of fan videos. I doubt they'll touch this creatively unique homage to Super Mario Galaxy because it just might get a lot more people interested once more in one of the most popular games for the Wii.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.