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It's a big year for fans of Harry Potter, what with a new book, movie and even fresh playsets arriving in LEGO Dimensions. The wizarding world will get its first taste of magic with the launch of today's Wave 6 collections but, later this year, an even bigger experience is headed our way.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is set to arrive in theaters this winter and, alongside it, folks enjoying LEGO Dimensions will have the opportunity to join the film's cast on a magical adventure in the form of a beefy Story Pack and Fun Pack for the toys-to-screen game.

Fantastic Beasts

Announced by TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the Fantastic Beasts LEGO Dimensions sets will be available on Nov. 18, the same day as the highly anticipated film.

Unlike typical standalone LEGO games, however, Dimensions offers a fun new twist on the formula that allows for the series' trademark humor and some terrific mash-ups. The Story Pack itself, according to a recent posting on Pottermore, will include figures of Newt Scamander and a Niffler for him to ride around. With these characters, you'll be able to tackle six levels pulled from the film, as well as explore the film's Adventure World and more. The Team Pack for Fantastic Beasts will include Tina Goldstean, as well as a Swooping Evil. While not directly noted, we imagine a new Battle Arena will also be part of the mix.

The real fun, though, will come in the form of mixing and matching your previous LEGO Dimensions sets with the new content. You could have Newt ride around on the dinosaur from Jurassic World, for instance, or explore the realm of Fantastic Beasts as The Doctor or Bart Simpson. Heck, you could even fold time in on itself and have Newt meet a fellow legendary wizard, Harry Potter.

Speaking of the boy who lived, Harry Potter and his old pal Voldemort make up one of the Wave 6 packs that arrive for LEGO Dimensions today. Their Team Pack includes buildable versions of the Hogwarts Express and the flying Ford Anglia, as well as an Adventure World full of familiar stomping grounds and a Battle Arena set on a Quidditch pitch. For those who haven't been following the Dimensions year two news, Battle Arenas introduce four-player split-screen competitive modes to the game, giving you even more ways to play the game.

Wave 6 offers up all kinds of additional collectables for Dimension fans, too, including a Story Pack for the new Ghostbusters film, Adventure Time, The A-Team, Mission: Impossible and more.

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