If You're Really Good At The Binding Of Isaac You Can Earn A Free Game, Here's How

The Binding of Isaac
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One developer is doing something very different in how they plan on giving their game away: they want to reward players who are really, really good at The Binding of Isaac. How are they doing this? Well, they're planning on giving away free copies their game Polygod.

According to Gamespot, developer Amplify Games was inspired by Binding of Isaac and wanted to give away free copies of their own game for people who unlocked rare achievements in Isaac. Amplify Games stated...

I really loved The Binding of Isaac and I think Polygod will resonate well with players that also really enjoyed The Binding of Isaac. Because of this, I want to reward the most dedicated players with a copy of Polygod.

Their game recently launched onto Steam Early Access. It's the developmental branch for games that aren't quite ready for wide release. It's especially useful for multi platform games that aren't ready for certification on the PS4 or Xbox One and need a bit of refining first on PC before shipping out the door.

Gamers, however, can get their hands on a copy of Polygod by earning certain achievements in The Binding of Isaac or The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The list of achievements can be viewed below.

The Binding of Isaac Achievements

Hard Game

Eternal Satan

Eternal Cain

Eternal Isaac

Eternal ???

Eternal Maggy

Eternal Eve

Eternal Samson

Eternal Judas

Eternal God

Eternal Personalities

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Achievements

Sticky Nickels

Keeper now holds... A Penny!

Keeper holds Store Key

Noose Baby


Sale Baby



Completing any of the achievements and then adding the developer to your profile on Steam and messaging them that you have completed the achievement can earn you a free copy of Polygod. The developer's Steam account is Atomicdomb.

The achievements above for the Isaac games are not easy to achieve, though. It's not like it's a simple walk in the park. In fact, Gamespot states that the achievements for the first game have only been achieved by 1.1% of the people who own the title on Steam. Take into consideration that nearly 3 million people own a copy of the original Binding of Isaac on Steam and more than 1.5 million people own The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. So there's a very tiny contingent of people who have the necessary skills to actually nab those achievements.

This is also a clever way for Amplify Games to get some eyes on their title Polygod, which is a first-person roguelike shooter, made in a similar vein to Edmund McMillen's own roguelike. The main difference is that Polygod is a 3D shooter, where-as The Bind of Isaac games are a top-down shooter.

Amplify's title actually looks pretty fun and is already receiving some positive feedback from gamers during its Early Access run, so if you already managed to nab any of the above mentioned achievements in either Isaac game then just feel free to give Amplify a ping on Steam for a free copy of Polygod.

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