The Binding Of Isaac Sells 2 Million Copies

The roguelike The Binding of Isaac has sold over 2 million copies, designer Edmund McMillen revealed. The sales goal was mentioned during a new interview about Isaac's remake, dubbed Rebirth, coming this year.

Isaac stars a child of the same name. His mother goes insane and decides that she has to sacrifice him to God. Isaac flees into his basement and must battle the horrific creatures he finds there.

Each level of the basement is a series of randomly generated rooms. At the end of each level, he'll have to face a boss. Using the money he finds along the way, he can purchase new equipment and power-ups to up his chances. If he dies, though, he'll have to start over from the beginning.

Rebirth is powered by a new engine rather than Flash. The change in technology, McMillen told Northernlion, allows more action to occur on screen at the same time. McMillen is also promising two-player co-op and a flood of new content. Perhaps the content from its first expansion pack Wrath of the Lamb will be included as well.

McMillen currently plans to release Rebirth on the PC, Vita, and PS3. Xbox 360 and 3DS versions are also possible as well. The 3DS version seems like a bit of a longshot, though, considering that Nintendo rejected the original version of Isaac due to religious content.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.