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Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 hasn't been faring too well on the market given the cannibalization taking place at the hands of Battlefield 1, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. In fact, the Honest Trailer for the Titanfall franchise lays out a lot of the reasons why some are considering it to be an underrated gem.

The Honest Trailer was posted up recently over on the Smosh Games YouTube channel, featuring four and a half minutes of talking about wall-running, mech suits, Gundams and headshots.

They actually make the keen observation that the game is like a cross between Call of Duty and Gundam "minus the anime". The sarcasm in the Honest Trailer is actually belied by just how cool some of the gameplay mechanics are, such as the voice-over talking about performing circus acrobatics across the stages like Mirror's Edge. I mean, who doesn't think that Mirror's Edge's parkour is awesome?

The fact that the clips they show actually make Titanfall look amazing does little more than work as a promo for the game. That one scene where there are a string of soldiers double-jumping off parallel walls while chasing each other up an ascending, hollowed out structure just looks righteous.

The Honest Trailer does finally talk about the negative aspects of the first Titanfall, pointing out the obvious issues of the lack of a proper single-player mode (and it's true that those "Skype" vids in the corner of multiplayer matches do not make for a good single-player story). It also covers the lack of map variety, the lack of Titans, and the limited post-launch support. All of those were legitimate issues when the game launched, especially for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, where everyone was asking why wasn't it on the more popular PS4?

They did recover the shortcomings of the first game with Titanfall 2, though. Respawn put some tender love and Titans into the campaign mode that happened to be fresh, exhilarating and action-packed. The Honest Trailer also mentions that the Titans and soldiers and weapons all feel a lot more "meaningful" this time around, and that seems to be the general consensus for most people who have played the game.

They also point out that there are a bunch of new customization features that allow you to use some of the ugliest camos and patterns known to gaming to make your Titan look like a hideous piece of wallpaper from the 1960s.

The multiplayer in the trailer is described as being a royal rumble of everyone jumping around like they're on cyber-crack and that there's a mad dash to get to the escape ship before it gets blown up.

The comment section is pretty funny on the video, with everyone calling out Smosh Games for not making an Attack on Titan joke. I'll be honest, I didn't immediately think about that until I saw the comment, but squeezing in an Attack on Titan joke would have been pure perfection.

Anyway, Titanfall 2 is out right now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, existing on retail shelves in the shadow of the boxes for Battlefield 1.