Does Watch Dogs 2 Tease Ubisoft's Next Game?

There's a side-mission in Watch Dogs 2 that has gamers completely flipping out about a teaser trailer that's tucked inside of the open-world hacking game. The teaser trailer has left some thinking that maybe this could be Ubisoft's next game.

Users have been uploading the teaser clip online, with YouTube user FlammableAce providing gamers with the clip above from Watch Dogs 2. It comes from a mission called "UbiStolen" and sees Marcus overhearing a phone conversation between employees working out of the Ubisoft San Francisco office. He manages to hack into the offices of Ubisoft and grab a hold of the trailer, leaking it online.

The inside meta joke of a hacking game containing a secret teaser trailer for an unannounced game that he leaks online in the game only for it to be leaked online from gamers playing the game is deep enough to make your head spin.

The teaser trailer is marked as "Ubisoft Confidential" and has an E3 conference file tag on it. Technically, if no one said it was from Watch Dogs 2 you might easily believe this was a leaked trailer from Ubisoft's E3 conference.

Despite the teaser not really showing anything other than some space stations floating around and someone in a pilot's seat of what appears to be a small salvage ship, internet sleuths are already piecing together that it might be a teaser for Beyond Good & Evil 2. Others noticed that there was text on the screen about "survivors" before it clicked off and the debris field in which the ship arrived looked to contain the same space stations they were showing earlier in the clip, only damaged or partially destroyed.

There's also a surprising amount of comments about Cowbow Bebop. The music was what drew a lot of gamers to that conclusion.

Of course... there's always the flip side to the situation: what if Ubisoft put together this cinematic teaser, designed space assets, setup a character model in a space suit and did both exterior and interior designs of the ship, as well as setup the destroyed stations within the debris field just to troll people?

I admit, it would be a heck of a lot of work and man hours just for a trolling tease, but at the same time, it would also generate tons of talk and hype within the community based on something that may not even exist. Also, a bunch of people might actually take up interest in Watch Dogs 2 just to see the teaser trailer for themselves, potentially driving sales for the game ahead of its release tomorrow.

Technically, it's a complete toss-up. It could very well be a new game that Ubisoft is working on, whether that be Beyond Good & Evil 2 or an all new IP. The company is one of the few who experiments by stepping outside the box often, so it's not an impossibility. Despite the criticisms tossed their way, Ubisoft is one of the few AAA companies to frequently try new things. Alternatively, it could just be a fake teaser to lead gamers on in an age where stuff like this is prime bait for going viral.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.