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If you've been patiently watching the Black Friday ads, waiting to see if anything juicy pops up for the world of virtual reality, your hour has finally come. The folks over at Vive HQ have announced that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be available for one of the biggest names in VR gaming. In short, you can expect to save a full $100 on Vive hardware, which you could then spend on building your initial VR games collection.

Whether you're looking to save some money on Vive, or Viveport, the online games marketplace, then you'll want to ready your credit card and mark your calendar for this Friday, Nov. 25, and next Monday, Nov. 28. According to a recent update on the Vive blog, that's when you can expect to save some cash on the PC VR headset, as well as a rather robust collection of some of its biggest titles.

The great news about this announcement is that the Vive hardware sales are listed as being valid "wherever Vive is sold," so whether you're shopping at a brick and mortar store or online, it sounds like the HTC rig will be discounted across the board. The announcement does state that this offer is only good "while supplies last," though, so don't expect to get a rain check if your outlet of choice runs out of VR machines before you get a chance to pick one up.

And speaking of VR game discounts, Viveport will offer bundle deals, in-store cashback offers, and even a 50 percent off sale for select titles running through the weekend.

For those of you wondering where you can pick up a Vive headset, examples listed include many retail locations, as well as Microsoft Stores, Amazon, Gamestop, Newegg, Microcenter and, of course, Also, this coming weekend will be the first time you'll be able to find Vive on sale in 34 Fry's Electronics locations across the country and online, giving you yet another opportunity to track a headset down.

For more specifics on the Viveport deal, it sounds like anyone who spends $30 there between Black Friday and Cyber Monday will get $10 crammed back into their digital wallet. Also, Soundstage, Arcade Artist and Lumen are being bundled together for just five bucks total. Finally, here's a rundown of the 20 games that will be made available for a 50 percent discount.

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater

Adventurous Life VR

C O S M Worlds Within Worlds


Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

Cmoar VR Cinema

Daylight's End (US only)

Emily Wants to Play

Grand Canyon

Heaven Island Life

Konrad the Kitten

La Peri

Oneiric Sculptures -- Rodin

Potioneer: The VR Gardening Simulator


Star Chart


The Night the Carsons Disappeared

Think Space

Toon Ocean

VV player

World of Diving

Is this the deal you've been waiting for to take the plunge into virtual reality? Let us know in the comments.

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