The Last Final Fantasy XV Trailer Has Eminem In It, Because Why Not?

The last and final promotional trailer for the launch of Final Fantasy XV has arrived, and Square Enix has gone all out for the game. In fact, they decided to pull a page out of Activision's playbook and put a little Eminem in the promo trailer... because why not?

The two-minute trailer was recently published over on the official Final Fantasy YouTube channel. It starts off by quickly piecing together some of the important story elements in the game and then transitions over to show the more "exciting" bits. Such excitement -- consisting of showing the four young boys driving in the Regalia and riding Chocobos and fighting large daemons -- is accompanied by a slickly edited rendition of Eminem's "Fast Lane".

Yes, Square Enix pulled a Call of Duty and decided to slap some Eminem on Final Fantasy XV. I never thought I would see the day those two entities came together, but we're in the never-say-never era of humanity and so anything is possible.

It's actually really, really, really odd choice of music for the game. The main reason being that it's not a fast-paced title at all. It's an extremely well thought out, methodical, slow-paced game telling a very intricate and interesting story.

Some fans joked in the comment section that Square Enix was trying to turn Final Fantasy XV into the Fast & Furious. The trailer is a little bit misleading in the sense that it's not a typical action-packed RPG. Oh yeah, the combat is definitely fast and furious and the reflexes required are unlike many other JRPGs out there. However, a large portion of the game is traveling and listening to the four young men discuss various topics across their extended road trip to "reclaim the throne".

In fact, this is one of the rare Final Fantasy games where grinding and combat aren't the only ways to get stronger. You can actually level up a number of different ways in the game that the trailer doesn't really focus on because it's not exciting. This includes mini-games like Chocobo racing, or fishing for rare resources across various lakes, or even scavenging for ingredients so Ignis can cook up a meal to help give the team an extra boost during their travels.

It's interesting that they chose Eminem of all people and cut together a trailer about living life in the "fast lane". The reality is that the game takes a very measured and methodical approach to its storytelling, so much so that in attempting to reclaim the throne Noctis' fellow travel mates continually try to protect him like the brother they never had. It's hardly a reckless endeavor of young guys living at the edge of danger on the precipice of action and adventure the way the trailer might lead you to believe.

In other words, if you enjoy Final Fantasy games you'll definitely enjoy what Square has crafted for Final Fantasy XV. However, if you think the game is like a Platinum Games title such as Vanquish or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, you're looking up the wrong tree.

Final Fantasy XV is available right now for the Xbox One and the PS4.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.