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Dishonored 2

Bethesda and Arkane Studios announced that the first of two free updates for Dishonored 2 would be made available soon and it would open the pathway for some really cool crossover abilities to give gamers all new ways to murder people.

Posted over on the official Bethesda website, the new update will sport the long-awaited New Game+, which opens up the ability to play through the main campaign of Dishonored 2 again with all of the abilities and skills you unlocked or acquired through the first run through. The update will go live next week, on Monday, December 19th.

The New Game+ isn't just about carrying over the data and skills you unlocked from your first try at Dishonored 2, it also opens up an all new feature where you can mix and match the skills and abilities of Corvo and Emily. Instead of being limited to their own skillsets, the New Game+ will allow Emily to dip into Corvo's skills, and it will also allow Corvo to dip into Emily's skills.

The new combinations are almost limitless with what sort of mayhem and chaos you can come up with by mixing up the skills and abilities between both protagonists.

This could add a whole new sense of flavor to the way players engage with Dishonored 2, and how they take out enemies, scour the environment for ways to access areas, and deal with bosses.

This is in addition to the new quick-access wheel being added for hiding and unhiding items, and a number of other fixes and tweaks added to the game in the free update. They've modified AI routines for detecting the player, fixed some issues with Blood Thirst, modified the refill speed of mana, and updated and improved the general performance of Dishonored 2 across home consoles and PC. Basically, good things all the way around.

They also fixed a few issues with the game logic and the user interface. There should be fewer problems with accessing the UI whether you're playing Dishonored 2 on PC, Xbox One or PS4.

However, the update will be the first of two major free updates coming to home consoles and PC. The second update will open up the new Mission Select feature that will allow gamers to pick and choose which mission they want to take on in the game, as well as modify custom difficulty settings

The custom difficulty setting is pretty cool because it will allow users to customize how difficult the game is, whether you're playing in stealth or embracing the Rambo approach and going into each conflict with your guns (and Void powers) blazing.

The second update makes a ton of sense going live in January and featuring the kind of options that it does because it opens up all new challenges that a lot of players will likely want to explore after beating the game for a second time with New Game+. I'm sure most players will be able to breeze through Dishonored 2 a second time much easier than the first time once they start combining Emily and Corvo's powers, but they'll have a much harder time with the custom difficulty mode.

You can look to start murdering the people of Karnaca and Dunwall with all new abilities and in all new ways starting December 19th.

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