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Final Fantasy XV - Gladiolus

Now that Square Enix has released Final Fantasy XV, a lot of people are wondering what's next for the game. Well, there is some new DLC on the way and one of the DLC packs will include a classic monster in Gladiolus' pack.

According to VG 24/7, Square Enix will unleash a bevy of DLC packs for each of the boy band members that aren't Noctis, as well as additional story-oriented DLC. According to VG 24/7, they managed to get in word with Final Fantasy XV producer Haruyoshi Sawatari, who explained to them that during Gladiolus' story DLC it would allow gamers to venture into areas that they could venture to during the main story of the game.

It will also dive into the story elements surrounding Gladiolus' disappearance just before the long boat ride to Altissia. According to Haruyoshi Sawatari, the DLC will see Gladiolus facing off against an old classic monster from Final Fantasy in the form of Gilgamesh.

Some of you might remember the boss from previous incarnations of Final Fantasy, and VG 24/7 rolls out a few of the appearances for which the monster made his presence known, starting with the classic SNES title Final Fantasy V, and he periodically pops into various titles throughout the Final Fantasy franchise history, from Final Fantasy VIII all the way up to Final Fantasy XIV, as outlined on the Wiki entry for the character. He's now going to be making his Final Fantasy XV debut as a boss that Gladiolus will have to face off against on his own.

This should be an interesting departure from the way Final Fantasy XV was typically played, and if they can manage to integrate the DLC seamlessly with the rest of the story. So players can play through the entire game again with Gladiolus' story interwoven in between without any breaks, it could make for a much richer gameplay experience.

According to VG 24/7, they don't know how Gilgamesh will look in the new game. Producer Sawatari was coy about what to expect from the classic monster, but he'll obviously be a formidable enough opponent for Gladiolus to deal with.

The DLC Square Enix has planned for release isn't just about Noctis' bodyguard, though. They also have plans to release DLC packs for Prompto and Ignis as well. The latter two will likely receive their stories fleshing out what happened in between some key moments in the story, such as when Ardyn tricked Noctis into knocking Prompto off the train ride toward the frozen wasteland, or when Ignis ended up losing his eyesight off-screen during Noctis and Luna's battle with the Leviathan.

We might even see more classic monsters like Gilgamesh make an appearance in the other DLC for the other characters.

Another special boss set to appear will be Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, who was first revealed during a live-stream broadcast, where Noctis faced off one-on-one against the corporate boss. Matsuda is expected to appear in the Holiday DLC set to release for the game before the end of the year.

As for Gilgamesh... you'll be able to face off against the formidable foe when Gladiolus' DLC pack goes live for Final Fantasy XV.

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