Street Fighter V

Capcom could be penalizing gamers who rage-quit in the middle of matches, holding them accountable for their online behavior in Street Fighter V. How are they doing this? Well, they might implement a new series of punishments that some hardcore fight fans might appreciate.

Gamespot is reporting that someone posted screenshots to NeoGaf that supposedly leaked from an upcoming build of Street Fighter V. In the screenshot it shows that one player has attempted to disconnect and quit during the middle of the match, resulting in a death icon appearing over their profile picture.

Those who regularly disconnect during the middle of a match will have the death icon over their profile picture, where-asthose who are honest and fight with a heart of fire, win or lose, will be rewarded with an icon that represents their community standing.

These icons will be used in Street Fighter V for the matchmaking, putting together honest fighters with other honest fighters, and leaving rage-quitters to duke it out amongst themselves. I suppose this begs the question: how much rage must the rage quitter endure against another rage quitter before they rage quit?

In the comment section of the article a few people were left wondering how this would affect people who sometimes get disconnected while playing online. It is a serious issue since internet connectivity can be spotty for some players, and it would be unfortunate that a very good Street Fighter V player with a spotty net service would be penalized as a rage-quitter because their service dropped out on them in the middle of the match.

One thing to note from the NeoGaf post is that the screenshot indicates the death icon for matchmaking rage quitters together would only appear for people who frequently disconnect. So if you're having a bad night and the service goes out on you a couple of times, it may not be that bad. You can still recover.

There is the issue of dealing with losing league points during mid-match disconnections. If it only happens infrequently then you can recover by getting back into the fold and beating some butt in Street Fighter V. But if it happens all too often then you either need to scale back in online play, get better net service, or wait until things even out before attempting to play in ranked matches.

This move from Capcom comes after a lot of complaints were raised about mid-match rage-quitters. A lot of gamers have been disappointed with the lack of accountability for players who quit during the middle of a match in Street Fighter V.

NetherRealm Studios had already addressed this issue in Mortal Kombat X by having a feature implemented specifically for competitive play called Quitalities. If someone quits during the middle of a match their character will die by losing their head... literally. It's both funny and innovative when it comes to addressing the issue of rage-quitters.

Capcom was a little slow on the draw with addressing the issue in Street Fighter V, but it's better late than never. There's no estimated date listed in the Gamespot article as to when this new feature will be implemented (assuming it'll be implemented at all), so you'll have to keep an eye out for updates.

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