Forza Motorsport 6

Microsoft just recently released Forza Horizon 3 earlier this year for the Xbox One and Windows 10 from developers Playground Games, and just before that they released Forza Motorsport 6 back in the middle of 2015 from Turn 10 Studios. Well, it turns out they may already have Forza 7 in the pipeline.

According to a post by Thomas Jackermeier, the CEO of peripheral manufacturer Fanatec, he mentioned on the Fanatec forums that he recently had a meeting with Turn 10 Studios about their upcoming Forza Motorsport title.

Some of the interesting things he mentioned in the post was that PC was going to be a top priority for Turn 10 in the next Forza title, writing...

I have a meeting with the team of Turn 10 this week and we will discuss several things we could do together for their next title of Forza Motorsport.

[...] The PC market seems very important for them and they are aware that this market is dominated by wheel users. Therefore we will intensify our co-operation and get the best out of the games for wheel users.

That's some serious business. The post explains that Turn 10 has recently put a former race car driver and motorsports engineer into the top spot for handling car physics and wheel feedback. Jackermeier reports that this is huge news for Forza Motorsports moving forward because a real "wheel guy" is in charge at Turn 10 handling the physics and Fanatec fans can expect much better support from the upcoming game.

For those of you unfamiliar, Fanatec makes extremely high-quality, top-grade racing peripherals for racing games. And by top-grade, I'm talking racing wheels that will run the cost of a real racing wheel. Their CSL Elite Wheel based on a real Formula One racer will run you nearly $575 in USD. So yeah, high performance, high-quality gear is what Fanatec specializes in.

They wanted to work with Turn 10 so that there was better, more robust, realistic feedback and support provided through Forza Motorsport for Fanatec's racing wheels. Jackermeier is a CEO unlike many others due to directly communicating with his fans in the forums so that they could discuss what sort of issues and topics should be brought to the attention of Turn 10 for the upcoming game.

Now before you get too excited, keep in mind that we don't know for sure if the next Forza Motorsport is the numerical Forza Motorsport 7 or if Turn 10 is prototyping and working on another entry in the series or a spin-off. All we know is that they are working on a new game in the series and that PC is going to be a big focus for the next title. This will definitely make hardcore PC racing fans excited, but we'll have to wait (likely until E3 in 2017) to find out exactly what Microsoft has planned for the series.

For now, at least you can rest easy knowing that Fanatec support in the upcoming Forza title will be improved over Forza Motorsport 6.