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One of the great entertainers of our time has passed. Carrie Fisher was a prolific writer, actress and producer, and not to mention one of the iconic symbols of the Star Wars brand. Well, dedicated gamers of Star Wars: The Old Republic banded together to do something special for Fisher.

As reported by iTech Post, many players within BioWare and EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic came out in spades to gather in front of the house of Organa on Alderaan, the home planet of General Leia. Carrie Fisher played the character and received endless praise and adoration from the fans -- the character became the face of the rebellion who went from a princess attempting to fight for her home planet, to a general leading a galactic rebellion against the Empire.

As noted in the article, players met outside of the Organa Castle, where a special ceremony took place that involved fireworks and kneeling down from the players to pay their respects to Carrie Fisher, who just recently passed on December 27th. I know some people are wondering how a meeting can take place at the Organa Castle on Alderaan if the entire planet was blown up in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, but you have to remember that Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place thousands of years before the events of the original trilogy, well before Alderaan was struck by the Death Star.

Nevertheless, the gathering wasn't just for those sided with the Republic, there were also Sith among them as well. Both sides came together to show a mutual and earnest respect for the film and literary icon.

Various players recorded the event or took snapshots as players stood at the entryway of the castle, with various memorial services taking place throughout the day for Fisher. In fact, multiple servers housing all sorts of players from around the globe have been putting together memorial services for Fisher within Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In one comment thread a user explained that well over a hundred people gathered at the service, where someone dressed like Princess Leia stood in the hall and everyone stood or knelt, crying for around four hours.

Fisher's death hit the entertainment, literary, and gaming world hard. It came shortly after Fisher suffered from a heart attack while on a plane and was quickly rushed to the hospital over the weekend. The news spread far and wide rapidly. However, shortly after reports surfaced about Fisher's untimely heart attack, the news began to spread that Fisher had passed away just a few days later.

Fisher is set to make an appearance in Star Wars: Episode VIII. For now, moviegoers, fans, and gamers alike are paying tribute to the film legend in the best ways that they know how and you can likely expect to see some continued support and ceremonies taking place in Star Wars: The Old Republic as fans gather to pay their respects.

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