This past year has been something of a roller coaster for gaming, with all sorts of standout moments and frustrating failures peppered throughout 2016. That certainly goes for PlayStation, which saw its fair share of sour mixed in with the sweet. Here's our rundown of the three biggest wins and the three biggest failures from the past 12 months.

We prefer to get the bad news before the good news, so we'll run these in alternating order, beginning with the PlayStation downers from 2016. As always, we'd be interested in hearing your favorite (and least favorite) gaming moments of the year in the comments below.

Fail: PlayStation Plus

It's really hard to argue with a service like PlayStation Plus. You're getting access to things like cloud storage for your saves, online gaming and background downloads, not to mention six games a month to add to your digital collection. Still, when you've grown used to a certain degree of quality, it's even harder not to gripe when things take a step backward.

Speaking of those games, on the whole, most folks seem to feel like this was a down year for PlayStation Plus with too many smaller, less-well-known titles making the lineup. While we were pretty happy with the Plus games, we weren't so happy to see the price go up by $10. We're happy to pay for quality services, but that's kind of our gripe here. There were no huge outages or security breaches this year, but it seemed like the PlayStation Network was down more frequently in 2016 than in years past. We've also noticed a lot of buzz (as well as personal experience) concerning much slower download speeds and plenty of reports of people having trouble with the service's automatic renewal functionality not actually automatically renewing accounts. If you're going to charge more, you can't provide less.

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