So it looks like Frederator, the studio behind Adventure Time, might finally be working on that long-awaited and highly anticipated animated adaptation of the 30-year-old video game series, Castlevania. With more than two dozen games and spinoffs to the series' name, that's got us pondering what we absolutely want to see make it into the new show.

The Arsenal

Castlevania wouldn't be Castlevania without its iconic collection of weaponry. The Vampire Killer whip has to make it into the animated show, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. The arsenal got a bit carried away in games like Symphony of the Night and the pair of Sorrow titles, offering players a huge array of pointy object to murder monsters with. But what really stands out to us are those series staples that keep popping up time and time again. We want to see holy water used like a blue-flame grenade, a crucifix that doubles as a boomerang, a massive throwing axe and maybe even a set of silver daggers perfect for picking off frogmen and succubi. Those are the death-dealing implements that have made it into the most Castlevania games and we hope that tradition stays alive in the new show.

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