GTA IV Mod Creates The Super Mario Odyssey Game We Really Want To Play

Leave it to modders to find a way to turn a popular piece of culture into some crazy collage of hilarity. That motto applies specifically to the recent reveal of Super Mario Odyssey, which was recently recreated within GTA IV.

The video was put together by YouTube user CrowbCat. It utilizes several different key mods in order to depict the pudgy plumber from Nintendo's famed games running around in Liberty City, a fictional take on New York City.

CrowbCat picked up some skins from Super Mario in order to replace Niko in GTA IV. JL Mods HD released the skins just last year in February. It features Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina, along with a few of the enemies from the Super Mario franchise, such as the Bomb-Ombs, Boo, Goombas and the floating camera man.

The Mario skin mod was combined with the Real Parkour Animations from boblester122. This added the ability in GTA IV to do forward and backward flips, along with handstands, gainers, and combos. It's a mod with a lot of under the hood calculations taking place by infusing 3ds Max animations with NaturalMotion's Endorphin, procedural animation middleware. It attempts to give GTA IV that natural parkour flavor.

Last, but certainly not least, is the utilization of Hayssam Keilany's famed iCEnhancer mod for GTA IV. This mod was so popular at one point that PC sales spiked whenever new versions released, giving gamers an opportunity to view GTA IV with near photo-realism.

With all of these mods combined together, CrowbCat set out to recreate the Super Mario Odyssey trailer, showcasing Mario running and jumping around Liberty City. Only, things don't go as planned. Instead of flipping over the taxi like in the original Super Mario Odyssey trailer, NaturalMotion's Euphoria technology kicks into play and Mario gets clipped, falling face first into the concrete.

The trailer shows the super plumber making various daring attempts at parkouring across rooftops and ledges, only to fail miserably, falling and hitting his head all the way to the ground.

We get a variety of ridiculous situations, involving Mario visiting the strip club, crashing a helicopter, getting into a gang fight and falling out of buildings drunk.

The video is a funny look at how a more "realistic" Mario might fare in the violent and unforgiving world of GTA IV.

It's a nice slice of fun away from all the console warring going on right now where fanboys on all sides of the isle have come out in full force to fight over the Nintendo Switch and its games. Whether or not Nintendo delivers is entirely up to the market to decide when March rolls around. Super Mario Odyssey, however, isn't due for release until the holiday season.

On the upside, you at least get to watch and enjoy this video of Mario drunkenly getting into brawls and causing mayhem throughout Liberty City while you wait for the real Super Mario Odyssey to release.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.