Traffic Flow Issues

I've yet to go to an E3 where traffic flow was not an issue, and I'm referring to the movement of bodies inside the Los Angeles Convention Center more so than the cluttered streets outside. The streets aren't great either.

Each day begins with an ocean of folks trying to cram their way into a limited set of doors while ID badges are checked. If you've got an appointment on the floor anywhere near the time that those doors open, then you're in for an insane amount of panicking as you wonder how long, exactly, it will take you to get to your destination.

And once the show is in full swing, the lanes between exhibitor booths are already choked with people. If you add the additional line space that will likely be needed this year, we're talking about a tough labyrinth to navigate in order to get from appointment to appointment.

The most obvious fix would be to have separate entrances for the public and the folks working in the industry, thus allowing folks to make their appointments in a more timely fashion. They might even want to open up different lanes of traffic between the South and West hall that, again, would help folks get from Point A to Point B more easily.

I kind of feel the need to stress that I'm not trying to be exclusive here. But again, this is a trade show where many people are heading to do a job.

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