Overwatch Is About To Make A Groundbreaking Change

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One of the most requested features for Overwatch is finally coming to the game. BlizzCon in Anaheim, California provided gamers and fans of Blizzard products with tons of new information, details, dates and media for some of the companies most popular games, and Overwatch was no exception.

According to IGN, following up on the news that the petite and feisty Spanish hacker named Sombra was joining the roster, they also announced that a server browser is coming for the game.

Server browsers allow gamers to find the server best suited for their playing needs; on PC server browsers are almost ingrained into a multiplayer title by nature.

A lot of times people from different regions or on specific connection types need to find servers that suit their hardware or network setup. Some servers may host a lot of players, and it can bog down a computer's resources; so some players might prefer only playing in smaller rooms for a more intimate play experience that doesn't burn down their CPU. Other times people may prefer playing with those on specific connection types (assuming the server browser rolls out that kind of detailed information), so some gamers on an ADSL connection might prefer playing with a specific group, while those boasting certain cable speeds might prefer playing with a certain group.

Server browsers give gamers options, and the more options (especially when it comes to multiplayer games) the better. In the case of Overwatch, the team is currently working hard on the server browser, but they didn't roll out a specific date on when it will be made available.

The server browser will obviously arrive either with or after the Arcade Mode no-limits option for selection heroes, and the Quick Play mode for having a single-hero limit. That means that players will be restricted to only playing as their first-selected hero in a quick play match, instead of being able to switch out to someone more powerful when they're losing. A lot of people liked this new option in Overwatch because it means that scrub players can't just rely on playing as the turret characters to rack up quick kills, which is how a lot of people play in the game.

Given that Blizzard is still working hard on the server browser, it'll likely arrive after they get the new content up that's already on the road map. So we can expect to see the Arcade feature along with the new hacker, Sombra, arriving in the PTR as soon as this week. The public test realm will allow players to experiment with Arcade Mode and Sombra so Blizzard can further fine-tune the game.

After going through and testing the Arcade Mode and Sombra, it will then roll out for Overwatch for everyone shortly thereafter. They plan on launching a new map for the game in December called Oasis.

If things go over well, we'll likely see the server browser made available at some point after that. Hopefully they don't wait too long and force fans to become uncomfortably itchy for the new browser.

A lot of shooter games on consoles actually lack server browsers, even though it would definitely make it more convenient when matchmaking isn't giving you decent rooms to play in or you already know what kind of server you want to join and play in.

Stay tuned in for more info regarding Overwatch's server browser.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.