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Paladins Console Closed Beta

Hi-Rez Studios' Paladins has been one of the more popular MOBA titles to come out in recent times. It's racked up quite the audience on PC and now the game has made its way to the Xbox One and PS4. Gamers wanting to participate in the closed beta can get the details right now.

Over on the PlayStation Blog they announced that closed beta test for Paladins is up and running right now for the PlayStatoin 4. In addition to that, participating in the closed beta and battling it out in the eSports divisions could also earn you a trip to Spain to compete in the Dreamhack Valencia 2017 event.

On the PlayStation Blog, Hi-Rez Studios' Rory Newbrough, who is the lead designer on Paladins, briefly explained that you can gain instant access to all of the in-game Champions and all of the future Champions they plan to release if gamers buy the Founder's Pack. How much is the Founder's Pack? $15. They're running a 25% off deal right now for PS4 gamers who decide to hop in on the action.

The Founder's Pack grants you instant access to the closed beta test on the PS4. You'll also gain access to 10 radiant chests that are filled with cards, skins, and other items, along with 72,000 essence and a special Paladins skin for Ares in the PS4 version of Smite.

The 25% off deal on the Founder's Pack will only be available up until March 28th.

For those of you into the eSports aspects of gaming, you can potentially win a $50,000 trip to the Console Wars at DreamHack in Valencia taking place between July 13th and July 16th this summer. You'll just have to qualify by playing plenty of Paladins and getting good.

But don't worry... if you're an Xbox One gamer they haven't left you out of the loop. Paladins is also available in closed beta testing on the Xbox One as well. This includes the 22 different playable characters and the 15 or so other characters they have planned for release throughout 2017.

As mentioned on the Xbox News site, Xbox One owners will also be treated to a 25% off discount on Paladins when purchasing the Founder's Pack. Additionally, they detail how the gameplay works, with the Champions ranging from goblins in mechs and monks with shotguns, to mages with staffs. They also explain how the game utilizes a multi-part skin system so that players can unlock new skins for the Champions and then alter the head, body and weapon skin separately. That's actually a really cool feature given that in games like Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends and Dota 2 there are just template skins that replace the entire character's outfit and weapon. Being able to individually alter the characters gives gamers a little bit more individuality over how they express themselves in the game.

It may be yet another MOBA, and some of you are possibly still hooked on games like Smite, but if you're ready to try something new it wouldn't hurt to give Paladins a try once you're able to dive in with the free-to-play version.

Additionally, you can sign-up for the Xbox One beta here and the PS4 beta here. Happy hunting!

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